On Cassius Goldmsith's Single Storey Lodge in cottage ornée style, 1827

Wim Goes on Cassius Goldsmith's Cottage, 1827, image 1b

Wim Goes (1969), On Cassius Goldsmith's Single storey lodge in cottage ornée style, 1827, 2018. Model.

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Max Otto Zitzelsberger

On Louis Tullius Joachim Visconti's proposal for a building, possibly a stable, lengthwise section, 1830

Max Otto Zitzelsberger, On Visconti, model angle

Max Otto Zitzelsberger (*), On Louis Tullius Joachim Visconti's project for a building, possibly a stable, lengthwise section, 1830, 2019. Model.

Building upon buildings, drawing upon drawings, thinking upon thoughts.

What did Visconti´s construction board look like? I would have done it this way. The board shows the project. The construction behind it is the project. An architectural image. A picture of a picture. – Max Otto Zitzelsberger 

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On Paul Rudolph's Model Flap House, 1957

Max Kesteloot, Paul Rudolph's Model Flap House, 1952, drawing 3

Olivier Goethals (*), On Paul Rudolph's Model Flap House, 1952, 2018. Model.



model 1/20 & object 1/1.1952-2018. a reinterpretation of paul rudolph's flaphouse. 

like a tiny temple, lifted from its surrounding. 

– Olivier Goethals

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On Superstudio's Continuous Monument, 1969


GAFPA (*2008), Floris De Bruyn (*1982), Philippe De Berlangeer (*1980) and Frederick Verschueren (*1980), Drawing on Superstudio, The Continuouos Monument, page 16 from Sketchbook 12, 1969, 2018.

The drawing shows what appears to be three stages in the design process of a building. 

It starts with a triangular extrusion of a plot. The straightforward shape resembles a piece of pie. 

A readymade form that reminded us of the soft-sculptures of Claes Oldenburg. 

In the next stage an extension grows from the roof and the skin is decorated with the signature grid. 

Two doors determine the architectural scale. The cake becomes a building.

– Floris De Bruyn, Philippe De Berlangeer and Frederick Verschueren

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