Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson, Public Convenience 2, 1976, DM 2753.2 IN SET

‘Alvin Boyarsky once described my compositional technique as “clearing a stage and placing on it precise objects – like the set for a Bavarian Folk Opera”. I guess he was thinking of the Public Convenience.’ – Peter Wilson on his 'Public Convenience' drawings.

Charles Percier

Charles Percier, Samovar Design, c. 1808, DM 2171 IN SET

‘[Silversmiths’ drawings] were also important elements in establishing a new design language for the new Europe, where the production of silverware became in itself a kind of proxy for many of the larger design schemes.’ – Niall Hobhouse on Charles Percier's design for a samovar.

Stone Adversaries: Ruskins Rocks, Hejduk’s Diamonds

Carl Linnaeus, Regnum Lapideum 1 from Systema Naturae, Stockholm, 1768.

‘[Despite] what the men may have had in common a century apart, the two collections, side by side, show their divergence.’ – Paper by Anthony Auerbach read at the Architectural Drawings Symposium, Shatwell, 24 April 2016

Drawing Matter

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