21 January, in 8.44 / out 8.16

Exhibition Installation, Princeton


30,000 sheets of paper, eleven hours and thirty two minutes, a collector, a curator, an architect, and her associate, this exhibition is the product of a day spent with the Drawing Matter Collection. We convened in the archive on 21 January 2017 and between 8:44 am and 8:16 pm embarked upon what could be considered a delirious dérive, with no preconceptions, no rules, and no clear objectives except to make a selection of drawings before the fading of natural light at sunset and dinnertime. We began with the drawings themselves, led as much visually and historically, as through chance encounters provoked through the alphabetical system of the plan chests. Thematics, categories, sets of relations, bodies of work and key drawings began to emerge. The process was intuitive and grew out of the impromptu logic of the day, in which we detected patterns, consistencies, juxtapositions, and attributes of drawing that crossed historical periods around which to assemble our selection. The nearly 200 drawings retrieved from the collection are presented here as first lines of inquiry that begin with the immediacy of the drawing itself, to provoke discourse, a deeper look and further investigation.

John Ruskin, 30-Chrysoprase DM ? IN SET
John Ruskin, 30-Chrysoprase, 1850.
Adolfo Natalini, study for exhibition poster, 1972 DM 2078 IN SET
Superstudio (1966–1982), Meteor Crater, Arizona: Study for an Exhibition Poster, 1972. Overdrawn print, 840 x 625mm.
OMA/Rem Koolhaas, Interior view of the Eurodisney Hotel, 1988, DM 1797 IN SET
OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture founded 1977), Eurodisney Hotel, Marne-La-Valleé, France, 1988. Print on translucent paper, 532 x 665mm.
Cedric Price, Competition entry for Parc de la Villette, Paris, 1982 DM 1438 IN SET
Cedric Price (1934–2003), Competitions entry for Parc de la Villette, Paris. Lithograph on paper with painted mylar overlay, 465 x 350mm.
Superstudio, Infinite mirror model, 1959, DM 2093 IN SET
Superstudio (1966–82), Infinite mirror model, 1969. Wood with plastic overlay and felt pen, , 150 x 300 x 300mm.
James Stirling, sketch plan for Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, DM 1803 IN SET
James Stirling (1926–1992), Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, 1977. Pencil and pink crayon on tracing paper, 210 x 295mm.
Jean Aubert, Tortue molle 80m 2, 1972-3, DM 2584.1 IN SET
Aerolande, Aubert, Jean (1935–2015), Abris figuratifs: Tortue Molle, 1972–73. Diazo print in red ink, 295 x 420mm.
Michael Webb, Sin centre car ramp, perspective, 1962, DM 1101.7 IN SET
Michael Webb ( *1937), Sin Centre car ramp, perspective, 1961. Graphite on airbrushed board, 400 x 530mm.