Sebastian Multerer: On Louis Kahn's Kansas City Office Building, 1972

Sebastian Multerer, On Louis Kahn, Kansas City Office Tower, 1972 – Drawing Matter

Sebastian Multerer (*1979), Louis Kahn's Kansas City Office Tower, 1972, 2018. Model.

By starting to work on a given sketch we came to love the symmetry and proportion of the elevation proposed by Louis I. Kahn. Not an obvious Kahn.

According to our thinking, the floor plan must have a conceptual relationship to the first skyscrapers in Chicago – a vertical development coupled with a simple tectonic system that allows for a variety of arrangements.

We started to dismantle the defined volume by including our own themes, adding a sort of complexity and imbalance but– by no means – questioning the original composition in Kahn’s sketch.

– Sebastian Multerer 

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