This is an assembled drawing book, in that it consists of a collection of disparate sketches made by James Gowan between 1976 and 1981, which he has brought together to showcase and juxtapose various schemes, reworkings, observations and formal experiments. Some of these drawings were made directly into the drawing book itself, particularly those on the later pages, while the majority were made on separate pieces (including pink index cards and fragments of a meeting agenda) and then pasted into the book. The sketches are grouped together to illustrate different aspects of Gowan’s architectural thinking. Sometimes specific projects are explored, such as the East Hanningfield housing project, or his constant reworking of the project for the Leicester Engineering building. Proposals here sit side by side with memories, including an illustration of a scene change for the student panto at Kingston School of Architecture in 1949.

James Gowan (1923–2015), GOWAN DMC(SB6), 1977. Front Cover, 148 × 210 mm. 2658.