Kingston Unit 7

This online presentation of work by the students of Kingston MArch Unit 7 serves as a substitute for a physical exhibition or publication. It combines records of visits to sites, responses to the unit briefs and final projects, with drawings from the Drawing Matter Collection – some seen during the Unit’s visit to the archive, others selected retrospectively for their resonances with the students’ work.

Drawing Matter and Unit 7 first came into contact in the Autumn of 2019.

List the sites/where the unit went

The studio work is organised into dossiers and portfolios. The two dossiers, ‘Language & Proportion’ and ‘Observation & Site’, detail the theoretical and historical grounding of the unit; the portfolios, ‘Camp’ and ‘Settlement’, show the application of these ideas through the students’ interventions at two sites in Scotland.

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Roz Barr
Dr Helen Thomas

Aygul Boyraz
Miles Borg
Joel Donoghue
Emily Dudman
Yasir Ibrahim
Saurin Patel
Reuben Roberts
Harpal Shira
Louis Smallwood
Thom Wood-Jones
Alex Wilson

Drawing Matter
Niall Hobhouse
Matt Page

Roz Barr Architects
Han Wang
Cornelius Braam
Joy Slappnig

Visiting Critics
Gerard Carty
Philip Christou
Todd Longstaffe-Gowan
Hugh Strange
Stephen Taylor

In Scotland
Caroline Younger
Colin Lindsay-MacDougall

In Portugal
Pedro Guilherme