Shatwell Drawingscape

... collection, to architectural and landscape proposals to ‘recycle’ the existing buildings into a new museum complex, or to revisit past agricultural practices.Shown here is a first sampling of some work in progress.– Ana Araujo Clara Dahan, Site Survey. Frida Hansen, Recycled Shatwell. Salome Hirsch, Aureli's Rooms. Frida Hansen, Brodsky Imprints.



... itself may be, again, instilled with simplicity and charisma, if only we find the means and courage to evade its unnecessary complications, formalities and banality.– Ana Araujo, December 2015 WE SUGGEST On colour in Fontaine and his drawings in A Civic Utopia: Architecture in France between 1765–1837; on his partner ...



... drawings. Each one of these authors has helped to build on an ambition to encourage engagement with architectural drawings through contributing their thoughtful reflection and analysis. Sometimes their response to a drawing or drawings comes from experience as a practicing architect or artist that gives insight into the thought processes ...