Without Irony, 1

... Irony, 1 ← Drawn Asides ← SETS ← Drawing Matter Home Drawings Media Events Shop About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawn Asides 22 May 2018 Without Irony, 1 Kathmandu International Airport, 25/04/2018. James Gowan, Trafalgar Road Housing, after 1968. – Niall Hobhouse Search website Search drawings


The Continuous Monument, Shatwell

... About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawings of the Week 9 Oct 2018 The Continuous Monument, Shatwell Adolfo Natalini (*1941), Letter to Niall Hobhouse, 18 March 2018. Pen and ink on lined paper. To provoke an archaeology of collage making Niall Hobhouse asked Adolfo Natalini and Gian ...


Without Irony, 3

... Irony, 3 ← Drawn Asides ← SETS ← Drawing Matter Home Drawings Media Events Shop About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawn Asides 24 May 2018 Without Irony, 3 Kathmandu, Tour Guide Map, 07/05/2018 Jesse Reiser with Aldo Rossi, 1979. – Niall Hobhouse Search website Search drawings


Alexander Brodsky: The Shed

... Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawn Asides 18 May 2018 Alexander Brodsky: The ShedVenice Architecture Biennale 2016 Accompanying letter from Alexander Brodsky to Niall Hobhouse. Alexander Brodsky (*1955), 15 Biennale Di Venezia, Design for The Shed, 2016. Fibre tipped pen, ink and crayon on wove paper, 210 × ...


Without Irony, 2

... & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawn Asides 23 May 2018 Without Irony, 2 Charles-Dominique-Joseph Eisen, for the Abbe Laugier, 1754. Kathmandu Valley, 22/04/2018. – Niall Hobhouse WE SUGGEST On more Without Irony One and Three, also from Kathmandu; for a bit more humour, Deanna Petherbridge's Looking and Levity; and ...


Writing Prize Judges 2020

... Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawings of the WeekDrawing Matter Writing Prize 2020 23 Mar 2020 Writing Prize Judges 2020 Judging Panel Emma CraigieAnthony GeraghtyTanya HarrodEdwin HeathcoteRosemary HillRuth ScurrJacques TestardOlivia Horsfall TurnerHelen ThomasEllis WoodmanThe Drawing Matter Editors: Sarah Handelman, Niall Hobhouse, Philippa Lewis, and Matthew Page Search website Search drawings


Sans humour?

... least to suggest that such things are sometimes a little easier in Italy, but each of them here still carefully allows himself some ironic distance.–Niall Hobhouse WE SUGGEST For artists who do see themselves with a bit or humour and levity see Deanna Petherbridge's piece on Artists at Work, a ...


Summer School 2016

... 2016Drawings The first experimental Drawing Matter summer school ran for five days in August. It was devised and led by John Glew with contributions by Niall Hobhouse, Nicholas Olsberg and Deanna Petherbridge, and based at the Drawing Collection archive in Somerset. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ...


12 Days of Stairways

... productive? Whether in two dimensions or in three, the most interesting staircase is often the one that leads – appears to lead – us nowhere.– Niall Hobhouse We’re celebrating Christmas and marking the end of 2019 with 12 days of stairways. Each day on Instagram we reveal a detail from ...


Peter Smithson

... space between buildings.Film: Peter Smithson's wooden obelisk under construction.The obelisk was re-erected at Shatwell Farm in April 2016. See Graham Bizley's review of the event: Smithson Obelisk at Shatwell.The history of the obelisk is told in the free ebook by Niall Hobhouse: Peter Smithson, Obelisk, 2002. Search website Search drawings


Summer School 2018

... of 14 students in Drawing Matter Archive and 14 on Shatwell Farm. Students in the archive will be taken on a history of drawing with Niall Hobhouse. Students on the farm are taken on a tour of the farm and of its various buildings. Working with their tutors they are ...


de blokkendoos

... building blocks., 2019. Wooden blocks, off cuts from the sauna construction at Shatwell. From: Jan De Vylder Sent: 22 March 2019 19:31To: Marius Grootveld ; Niall Hobhouse Subject: de blokkendoosMariuseen kort tekstjezoiets als:de blokkendoosEr is de grot en het schip en de tent. Als alle begin. Maar er is ook ...


Alexander Pope: 'et sibi'

... epitaph for Kneller’s monument there. Heavy with irony, it ends:Living, great nature feared he might outvie Her works; and dying, fears herself might die. – Niall Hobhouse WE SUGGEST On another letter, c. 1720, that from Nicholas Hawksmoor on his work at Blenheim; on a rumination of the fireplace at ...


Le Corbusier

... (Friends),, 27 May 1953. Pen, pencil and coloured pencil on paper, torn from a sketchbook in the late 1950s, 330 × 203 mm. Scale: 1:1000. Niall Hobhouse remembers that Jullian de la Fuente, the Chilean architect who worked with Le Corbusier, told him the story of how he came to ...


Gio Ponti: un disegno è un idea

... elegance of a mathematician or a linguistic philosopher – that our worthy impulse to disentangle the message from the medium puts meaning itself into play.– Niall Hobhouse WE SUGGEST Read more of Gio Ponti's letters; an equally meditative collection of drawings on humour; for a series of forms over a ...


arq : plan, Stan Allen, Helen Mallinson, Niall Hobhouse

arq : plan, Stan Allen, Helen Mallinson, Niall Hobhouse ← Drawings of the Week ← SETS ← Drawing Matter Home Drawings Media Events Shop About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterSETSDrawings of the Week 20 Jul 2018 arq : plan, Stan Allen, Helen Mallinson, Niall Hobhouse Antonio ...


Conjunction and incongruity

... recursive nature of drawing in architectural practice. Drawing Matter is the title given to an architectural drawing collection assembled by the collector, curator and critic, Niall Hobhause. Dating from the Renaissance to the present day, it includes architects’ sketchbooks, drawings and models. It represents projects that have been realised as ...


Charles Percier

... at the time of the commission Queen of Holland, where she had moved reluctantly in 1806 to be with her husband, at the Emperor’s insistence.– Niall Hobhouse The exhibition, Charles Percier: Architecture and Design in an Age of Revolutions will run from 18 November 2016 till 5 February 2017 at ...


Siza and Limits of Representation

... the viewer and draughtsman seen, and seeing, in the same perspective? With the right programme, and a mouse, it would have been so (too?) easy.– Niall Hobhouse page 24 page 25 page 27 page 29 page 41 page 44 page 47 WE ALSO SUGGEST On Labrouste's Record Drawing and the ...


Seeing, and Disbelieving

... of the power of the architect’s singular conceptual thinking. A paper-napkin sketch, but in any case ‘for’ something – and for somebody – completely different.– Niall HobhouseExtracted prologue to Architecture through Drawing, edited by Desley Luscombe, Helen Thomas and Niall Hobhouse, published by Lund Humphries. Order your copy through our ...


Madelon Vriesendorp

... Madelon Vriesendorp (*1945) and Rem Koolhaas (*1944), Welfare Palace Hotel, Sunken Medusa Raft, 1975 – 1976. Gouache and acrylic on paper, 780 × 1140 mm. Niall Hobhouse: There is a plan to try to talk to as many people as were involved and get them to talk about their particular ...


Sponsor a Student

... the fourth iteration of our Summer School, which was first held in 2017. Initiated by Robert Bargery of the Royal Fine Art Commission Trust and Niall Hobhouse of Drawing Matter, the course was developed in collaboration with Professor Andrew Clancy of Kingston School of Art and has forged connections with ...


Gio Ponti: 'Come for Porchetta'

... of Ponti’s lapidary form encapsulates an uncertainty about which all of the different selves, and all the possible Italys, he should be really be addressing?– Niall Hobhouse WE SUGGEST For a slideshow of Ponti’s draft spreads from Aria d'Italia; and for correspondence in general, including another letter c 1720 by ...


Ange-Jacques Gabriel

... not clear whether this loss occurred as part of the contractual exchange around the royal marriage, or was the work of a later autograph collector.– Niall Hobhouse WE SUGGEST On other drawings as witness of a complex historical event, Soufflot le Romain's Temple of Minerva, Robert Cockerell's Parthenon Pavement and ...