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... & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterDRAWINGSLines of enquiry From the Archive The journey – first presented in a December newsletter 'Discorsi per Immagini' from Niall Hobhouse – begins with a single favourite drawing of his own: page 68 from Natalini Sketchbook 12, in which Adolfo explores a key early ...


Siza’s Columns

... with Manuel Montenegro and Hugh Strange; it has taken rather too long to implement their thoughtful scheme.After a last, long, session in Porto, I remember him sitting back to contemplate the final placement, lighting another cigarette and saying: ‘There. Now we are risking doing something really interesting.’ – Niall Hobhouse


Summer School 2017

... itself cannot. Shatwell Farm itself is a fascinating exercise in architectural experimentation and patronage, with new buildings commissioned by its owner and Drawing Matter’s founder, Niall Hobhouse.Kingston School of ArtKingston School of Art, part of Kingston University in South-West London, is at the forefront of art, design, and architecture education ...


Opening Lines: Sketchbooks of Ten Modern Architects

... sketches by Le Corbusier (foreground) and Adolfo Natalini (background). Installation view, lightbox, showing sketches by Marie-Jose Van Hee. Installation view, upper gallery, showing sketchbooks by Niall McLaughlin (with listening devices). Installation view, lower gallery, showing sketches by Álvaro Siza (foreground), Hans Poelzig (middle ground) and Alberto Ponis (background). Installation view, ...


The Drawing as Actor

... they clutch.The production of this short article involved too many thoughtful collaborators for them to be gratefully acknowledged individually. They know who they are. – Niall Hobhouse C.B. Purdom, How should we rebuild London? (J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1945)Gerhard Puhlmann, Die Stalinallee Nationales Aufbauprogramme (Verlag Der Nation Berlin, ...


Off Location

... the realisation of an impromptu idea, borne out of the coincidence of two events: the unpacking of these works in the Drawing Matter archive by Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg, and the BBC's announcement of President Trump's cancellation of his visit to London for the new US Embassy, citing the ...


Seven Early Sketchbooks

... combined with the scale and cultural ambition of the projects themselves, produced the densest imaginable mass of drawings. On 25 February 2018 Manuel Montenegro and Niall Hobhouse went to Porto to sit with Siza in his office as he looked through seven of his sketchbooks from 1977 to 1979: Cadernos ...



... range of what an architectural drawing can be. In the course of making the selections, one image was allowed to suggest the next in what Niall Hobhouse describes as a gentle dérive, and this associative rhythm is carried through into the order of the book.During 2015 and 2016, many different ...


Superstudio Sketchbook 12 and the Continuous Monument

... the now reversibly disbound sketchbook Number 12 and several selections from sketchbooks Number 7 and 11. Also included in the publication are a foreword by Niall Hobhouse; Superstudio: Photomontage at the Time of the Glue by Gian Piero Frassinelli.Published by Drawing Matter Somerset, 2018. Estimated delivery timesFor UK orders, please ...


Sketchbooks – A Parallel Life

... again in front of their old sketchbooks. It includes a foreword, Myths and Memories, by Horsfall Turner and an afterword, Sketchbooks, and their Keepers, by Niall Hobhouse. Published by Drawing Matter Somerset, 2018. Estimated delivery timesFor UK orders, please allow 10 working days. For orders destined for Europe, please allow ...