Niall McLaughlin

Niall McLaughlin ← Sketchbooks ← DRAWINGS ← Drawing Matter Home Drawings Publications Events About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterDRAWINGSSketchbooks 17 Mar 2018 Niall McLaughlinWandering Routes Niall McLaughlin (*1962), Alzheimer's Respite Centre, Dublin, 2008. Digital drawing, enamel print on metal. Niall McLaughlin (*1962), Alzheimer's Respite Centre, Dublin, ...


Visiting Shatwell and the Archive

... Wirth directly is essential.)Before visiting, we suggest that students explore and look at the following two links: Conjunction and Incongruity by Polly Gould and Niall Hobhouse’s interview on the Register Podcast, to learn more about the origins of Drawing Matter.Tutors (or others) wishing to bring a group to the ...


Jean-Baptiste Lassus

... 60. See Alice Thomine, ‘From Yale to Paris — La collection de dessins d’architecture de Neil Levine’, Revue du Louvre, no. 5, 2014, pp. 12-14. Niall Hobhouse suggests that the decoration, scale and manner of the drawing are very much in line with those of the famous 1837 compendium of ...


Behind the Lines 12

... detail of rafters painted in the Arts and Crafts style, watercolour over pencil, unsigned 36 cm x 28 cm.The two drawings are knocked down to Niall Hobhouse in Yarlington, Somerset. ‘That was an interesting way to represent a ceiling,’ he thinks. Notes Obituaries of Gordon HillsThe Builder vol 68, 20 ...


Archives, or Ardor

... in this space, along with wooden furniture, shelves for the drawings, and some cabinets. And the black stove. The fire in the stove, lit by Niall before 8 am, is what worried me. That and the steaming hot coffee positioned precariously between a thick folder full of files on François-Joseph ...


From the Archive

... & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterDRAWINGSLines of enquiry From the Archive The journey – first presented in a December newsletter 'Discorsi per Immagini' from Niall Hobhouse – begins with a single favourite drawing of his own: page 68 from Natalini Sketchbook 12, in which Adolfo explores a key early ...


Summer School 2017

... itself cannot. Shatwell Farm itself is a fascinating exercise in architectural experimentation and patronage, with new buildings commissioned by its owner and Drawing Matter’s founder, Niall Hobhouse.Kingston School of ArtKingston School of Art, part of Kingston University in South-West London, is at the forefront of art, design, and architecture education ...


Siza’s Columns

... Hugh Strange; it has taken rather too long to implement their thoughtful scheme.After a last, long, session in Porto, I remember him sitting back to contemplate the final placement, lighting another cigarette and saying: ‘There. Now we are risking doing something really interesting.’ – Niall Hobhouse Search website Search drawings


Opening Lines: Sketchbooks of Ten Modern Architects

... sketches by Le Corbusier (foreground) and Adolfo Natalini (background). Installation view, lightbox, showing sketches by Marie-Jose Van Hee. Installation view, upper gallery, showing sketchbooks by Niall McLaughlin (with listening devices). Installation view, lower gallery, showing sketches by Álvaro Siza (foreground), Hans Poelzig (middle ground) and Alberto Ponis (background). Installation view, ...


The Drawing as Actor

... they clutch.The production of this short article involved too many thoughtful collaborators for them to be gratefully acknowledged individually. They know who they are. – Niall Hobhouse C.B. Purdom, How should we rebuild London? (J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1945)Gerhard Puhlmann, Die Stalinallee Nationales Aufbauprogramme (Verlag Der Nation Berlin, ...


Seven Early Sketchbooks

... process, combined with the scale and cultural ambition of the projects themselves, produced the densest imaginable mass of drawings.On 25 February 2018 Manuel Montenegro and Niall Hobhouse went to Porto to sit with Siza in his office as he looked through seven of his sketchbooks from 1977 to 1979: Cadernos ...


Off Location

... the realisation of an impromptu idea, borne out of the coincidence of two events: the unpacking of these works in the Drawing Matter archive by Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg, and the BBC's announcement of President Trump's cancellation of his visit to London for the new US Embassy, citing the ...



... range of what an architectural drawing can be. In the course of making the selections, one image was allowed to suggest the next in what Niall Hobhouse describes as a gentle dérive, and this associative rhythm is carried through into the order of the book.During 2015 and 2016, many different ...


Architecture through Drawing

... ← → Architecture through Drawing Hardback, 304 × 241 mm240pp, with extensive colour illustrations2019 £49.95 Add to basket Edited by Desley Luscombe, Helen Thomas and Niall Hobhouse Architecture through Drawing examines how drawing – as both action and object – encapsulates complex ideas relating to culture, technology, space and the ...


Sketchbooks – A Parallel Life

... again in front of their old sketchbooks. It includes a foreword, Myths and Memories, by Horsfall Turner and an afterword, Sketchbooks, and their Keepers, by Niall Hobhouse.Published by Drawing Matter Somerset, 2018. Close and return x Sketchbooks – A Parallel LifeNíall McLaughlin Free Download Subscribe to the Drawing Matter mailing ...


Architectural Research Quarterly: Plan

... ← Drawing Matter Home Drawings Publications Events About Contributors Artists & Makers Mailing List Search Drawing MatterWriting and Media 13 Jul 2018 Stan Allen , Niall Hobhouse and Helen Mallinson Architectural Research Quarterly: Plan Stan Allen, Niall Hobhouse and Helen MallinsonArchitectural Research Quarterly: Plan Volume 22, Issue 1pp. 8–402018 This ...


Peter Wilson: Speculative to Operative

... of a small symposium 'Architectural Lineaments: Drawing and Narrative in the Work of Peter Wilson' on 10 April with talks by Kurt W Forster, Isabelle Doucet Wilson, Nigel Coates NATØ Manoeuvres, Nicholas Boyarsky, Adrian Hawker, Michael Gold, Mark Dorrian, Izabela Wieczorek, Elizabetta Terragni, and Niall Hobhouse. Search website Search drawings


Reading through sketchbooks

... open to the school. They will speak through the original sketchbooks of Álvaro Siza, Tony Fretton, Le Corbusier, Peter Maerkli and Adolfo Natalini with guests Niall Hobhouse, Phil Christou, Tim Benton, Tony Fretton and Adolfo Natalini. SEMINAR DATES AND TIMES 17 October, 4.00 pm: Âlvaro Siza: Seven Early Sketchbooks with ...


Some Roles of Drawing

... the Lisson Gallery (1984–91) as a beginning point of enquiry. With guest speakers Tony Fretton, Dr Olivia Horsfall Turner, Senior Curator of Designs, V&A and Niall Hobhouse, it will explore some of the many and shifting roles played by architectural drawings, within and beyond practice..Through three interconnected parts, Some Roles ...


Drawing into Dialogue 1

... the London School of Architecture and Drawing Matter. The first three talks in the Drawing into Dialogue series are:8 May, Tony Fretton, Lisson Gallery, with Niall Hobhouse15 May, Peter Salter, Walmer Yard, with Mark DorrianFarshid Moussavi, Yokohama Ferry Terminal, with Jack Self: POSTPONED UNTIL THE AUTUMNTickets are free but please ...


Josephsohn / Märkli: a Conjunction

... that was to culminate in the construction of La Congiunta at Giornico (1992), a dedicated space for Josephsohn’s sculpture. The exhibition has been curated by Niall Hobhouse of Drawing Matter. This is a free event, no booking necessary. For further details see Hauser & Wirth. To coincide with the opening ...


Sheds: Palaces of Nothing

... Tuesday through Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm from 9 – 16 October 2016. James Gowan, Toolshed Sheds – Palaces of Nothing is proposed by Niall Hobhouse and Markus Lähteenmäki and facilitated by Hauser & Wirth Somerset. The exhibition will begin a week before it is publicly presented, during an ...


Architectural Drawing Summer School 2018

... the process of drawing can be used to test and develop an idea. Initiated by Robert Bargery of the Royal Fine Art Commission Trust and Niall Hobhouse of Drawing Matter the course was developed in collaboration with Professor Andrew Clancy of Kingston School of Art and has forged connections with ...


Architectural fictions and other stories: Dalí / Duchamp

... of the University of Greenwich, London; author of Surrealism and Architecture – A Blistering RomancePeter Wilson – architect; co-founder and director of Bolles+Wilson. See Drawing of the Week.Niall Hobhouse – art collector, writer, trustee of Drawing MatterSupported by Drawing MatterFor further details see Royal Academy Events. Search website Search drawings