Adolfo Natalini: Continuous Monument

Adolfo Natalini, Superstudio Sketchbook, New York, 1969, DM 2141 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Adolfo Natalini (*1941), Sketchbook 12, New York, p. 74, 1969 – 1969. Ink and pencil on paper, from a spiral -bound Canson sketchbook, unbound, 340 × 275 mm. © The artist.

My sketchbooks show a really typical project called the Continuous Monument. The Monument was a demonstration of the falsity and the absurdity of some of the theories that went on in that period. We started producing images of this sort of continuous monument, the continuous strip of urbanisation which was going around the world. And that was compared with the beautiful landscapes, the real cities and so on.

– Adolfo Natalini, 20 June 2015