Aldo Rossi: History & Origins

Aldo Rossi, Urban Fragment, 1977, DM 1799 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Aldo Rossi (1931–1997), Urban Fragment, 1977. Ink, oil crayon and felt pen on paper, 300 × 290 mm.

And these old drawings [...] now have their own history, an almost enforced form of composition. And yet I wonder at the fact that they are the origin or germ of these new architectural works, which others could regard as more professional. In actual fact, invention and imagination have deeper roots than the occasion. But the occasion, like the history of every project, is always different.

– Aldo Rossi


On another occasion of drawing, a painting conceived after the project for which Rossi hoped to form a school, Jesse Reiser; on other Rossi's in the collection; and on an occasion of building, and from the view of another professional, Rossi's Cabina.