Peter Eisenman

eisenman_1802r_cs_p.1200.jpg – Drawing Matter

Peter Eisenman (*1932), House II, 1968. Ink on paper, 290 × 102 mm. © Estate of the Artist.

[W]hat is it to read a drawing? Traditionally, we read writing and see drawing. But if we transgress that custom, then we accrue to drawing the privilege of the autonomy of the reader. If we limited ourselves to seeing drawings as drawings then there would be no possibility of unhooking signs from objects …

– Peter Eisenman, 1983


On Eisenman's internal logic of drawing, a companion piece on House II; on Eisenman's House VI; and on Pier Vittorio Aureli, whose Marriage of Reason and Squalor show similar use of an internal logic and repetition.