A Space / Two Spaces
Drawing Workshop 31.05.17

The following exercise was given by Anthony Vidler as part of a workshop for LSA students on drawing.

LSA Workshop 1 – Drawing Matter

Sarah Sheehan

A ‘Ted Talk’ in Drawing

Your client desires a space: not too large, not too small.

Determine its size to accommodate:

     Entertaining four visitors
     Light: determine the direction of natural light

Draw by hand on tracing paper five generative iterations of your design – keep them all.

Draw using a program that is suitable five iterations of an alternative design – keep them all.

Scan your hand drawings and print in reduced scale on a sheet of A4 paper.

Print your computer iterations at reduced scale on a sheet of A4 sheet of paper.

Select from each your best try and outline in red.

Hint: don’t over think – draw as if you are building the space from ground up.

– Anthony Vidler

LSA Workshop 2 – Drawing Matter

Claire Seager