Drawing Study Symposium: 28 & 29 April 2023, Shatwell Farm

As part of the conference Drawings as Objects of Knowledge Part II: The Archive Nurtures a Culture of Circularity, convened by KU Leuven and TU Delft, Drawing Matter is delighted to be hosting a study symposium in the archive at Shatwell Farm on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 April 2023.

Participation in the symposium is by application, and those wishing to be involved can find the programme and information about applying, HERE. (Deadline 30 January 2023.) Sessions will be recorded, and parts of the proceedings will be published on www.drawingmatter.org.

In addition to presentations by invited applicants, the symposium will include a special session on Alison and Peter Smithson’s drawings for Upper Lawn, loaned for the occasion by the Smithson family. The events in Somerset will conclude with a tour, en route to London, to Upper Lawn itself.

* * *

Superstudio, Un viaggio nelle regioni della ragione (detail), 1968–1969. Ink on vellum, 330 x 1500mm. DMC 2130.

DMJournal no.3: Storytelling

Mark Dorrian and Paul Carter, the joint editors of the third issue of DMJournal, will shortly be making a formal call for papers which will remain open through the month following the symposium. This call will be on the subject of architectural drawings as instruments of storytelling; they hope that some of the contributions to the workshop may serve to prepare the ground for submissions to the journal. 

By way of clarifying their theme, the editors have compiled a lightbox of drawings from the collection, viewable HERE. Those who wish to explore further can register for full catalogue access HERE.

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René Herbst (1891–1982), Exposition Internationale de la Rayonne, 1950. Paperboard, wood and plastic, painted, 65 × 650 × 65 mm. DMC 1469.