Drawing Matter is an organisation that explores the role of drawing in architectural thought and practice through exhibitions, publications, public events, and workshops for students and practitioners. At the heart of these activities is the Drawing Matter Collection, a collection of many-thousand architectural drawings assembled over the last 25 years, dating from the sixteenth century to the present day. The collection is housed at Shatwell Farm, Somerset.

In Autumn 2024, Drawing Matter will move its activities and drawings collection to London. In preparation for the move, the collection will be closed to visitors from 1 May 2024, except in exceptional circumstances.

Our website is a fast-growing repository of new and historical writing on architecture and drawing. Many of the texts address material in the Drawing Matter Collection, but we also publish writing on drawings and objects archived elsewhere, and made by practitioners working today. 

The collection is digitally catalogued and accessible to researchers, students and practitioners. Those with specific interests are encouraged to organise a visit in person – we maintain that the drawings themselves really must be seen to be read. 

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The editors welcome proposals in different formats and from myriad voices. Emphasis is placed on the clarity of the author’s ideas and quality of their writing.

We are especially interested in submissions that overlap with drawings and architects in the collection, or writing that looks beyond the accepted architectural canon to drawings and buildings made across the globe.

Following suggestions from our readers, we also enjoy rediscovering and reprinting any historical texts on architectural drawing that add to the richness of the repository and are valuable to practitioners and scholars working today.

Please send enquiries and draft proposals to: editors@drawingmatter.org


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