Architectural Drawing Summer School

Summer School 2020. Film by Elliot Lunn.

The Architectural Drawing Summer School was first held in 2017. Initiated by Robert Bargery of the Royal Fine Art Commission Trust and Niall Hobhouse of Drawing Matter, the course was developed in collaboration with Professor Andrew Clancy of Kingston School of Art and Debbie Hillyerd of Hauser & Wirth Somerset, and has forged connections with leading educators, thinkers and practitioners. The programme has been widely praised by all students as providing an unrivalled insight into architecture as a subject, and their likely life in university.

The course is designed to give A-Level students with an interest in architecture and the built environment an insight into how professional architects record what they see, how this information connects to the buildings they produce and how the process of drawing can be used to test and develop an idea.

We are grateful to all the tutors and individuals who make the ADSS possible, and to the many architectural professionals who have provided student scholarships over the years.

Call for Applications 2021

Past Summer Schools

Final crit at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, 2019 Architectural Drawing Summer School. Photo: Vincent Evans

Architectural Drawing Summer School 4: 2020

24–29 August 2020

In response to Covid, a closed review for students and their parents was held at Shatwell Farm. It was attended by Ellis Woodman, Director of the Architecture Foundation.

Andrew Clancy, Eleanor Beaumont, Marwa El Mubark, and Oscar Mather.

Organised by the Drawing Matter Trust, Hauser & Wirth Somerset and Kingston University in collaboration with Bruton School for Girls and Queens Belfast, Cardiff and Dundee Universities.

Architectural Drawing Summer School 3: 2019

24–29 August 2019

The open review was held in the Radić Pavilion at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, attended by guest Eric Parry and Keith Williams.

Andrew Clancy, Michael Badu, William Guthrie, David Magennis, Joe Howland, Giulia Furlan and Julia Cramer.

Supported by the Royal Fine Art Commission Trust in association with Drawing Matter, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, Kingston School of Art, Queens University Belfast and Bruton School for Girls.

Students outside Stephen Taylor’s Haybarn during the 2018 Summer School.

Architectural Drawing Summer School 2: 2018

25–30 August 2018

Following the success of the first Summer School, the number of students doubled from 14 to 28.
The final review was attended by Terence Conran, founder of Habitat and the Design Museum, London.

Andrew Clancy, Catherine Blaney, Laura Evans, Elli Farant, and Tommy Jay.

Watch a film of the 2018 Summer School here.

Organised by The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust, Drawing Matter, Kingston School of Art, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, Queens University Belfast, and Bruton School for Girls.

Painting by Summer School student Talia Dalton.

Architectural Drawing Summer School 1: 2017

26 August–2 September 2017

The first Architectural Drawing Summer School was held at Shatwell Farm, Somerset, the home of Drawing Matter. An Open Review of student work was held in the Implement Shed at Hauser & Wirth.

Andrew Clancy, Nana Biamah-Ofusu, Niall Hobhouse, and Bushra Mohamed.

Read a reflection on the first Summer School by tutors Nana Biamah-Ofusu & Bushra Mohamed; and programme notes by Andrew Clancy.

Organised by The Royal Fine Art Commission Trust, Drawing Matter, Kingston School of Art, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, and Wells Cathedral School.