In the Archive

By Edouard Cabay, Richard Hall and Emma Rutherford

In the Archive recreates the experience of a visit to the Drawing Matter collection at Shatwell Farm in Somerset, UK. Each episode begins by inviting a visitor (or visitors) to select a small number of drawings from the collection and to write a reflective text – at times written on the train journey home, at others written some time later. The visual and textual records the visit are then married together on our In the Archive microsite. (Click here to visit.)

In the Archive 1: Edouard Cabay, 16.2.2020

I have had many thoughts, and I wanted to try to put a few down here.

But there is one that is more pressurizing than the others: are there any trouts around?

I am a very keen (yet not the most experienced) flyfisherman, and on my last trip in Cornwall, in January, I promised myself to come back with my rod, during the fishing season. To think that there is a place on earth with beautiful drawings and trouts feels like the unlikely convergence of unassociated passions. […]

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In the Archive 2: Emma Rutherford & Richard Hall, 1.3.2020

When faced with a mass of unknown information, one tends to start with things that are familiar. In a room full of closed draws — with little knowledge of their contents — our interests, enthusiasms and points-of-reference provide a comfortable way in; the beginnings of a conversation. […]

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