Alternative Histories: Descloux Engelschall on Louis-François Trouard

Descloux Engelschall, Louis François Trouard’s two elevations of barracks for the Gardes françaises, 2018. Wood, paint, tracing paper, ink, 510 × 205 × 180 mm.
Louis-François Trouard (1729–1804), two elevations, Caserne des Gardes Françaises, Versailles, 1771. Pen, ink, grey and blue wash on laid paper, 435 × 610 mm.

the duplicity becomes entity.
the backside becomes frontside.
the theatrical becomes ordinary.
the disguise becomes a dress.
the barracks become dwellings.
the chimera becomes concrete.
the rock becomes textile.
the drapes become stone.
the boulder becomes the domino.
the domino becomes history.
the tent remains.

– Descloux Engelschall, 2018