Alternative Histories: EM2N on Alexander Brodsky

EM2N, Alexander Brodsky’s three plans, 2018. Polyester cube, light base, 185 × 177 × 275 mm.
Alexander Brodsky (1955), Three Plans, 2016. Pencil on tracing paper, 485 × 320 mm. DMC 2775.

We were fascinated by Alexander Brodsky tentative sketches. Laying line over line, searching for the right position and proportions, he produces drawings that look like an x-ray of a three-dimensional object with multiple layers of lines and surfaces producing a fuzzy depth of space. We interpreted our role similar to the one of an archaeologist. Starting with the two-dimensional traces Brodsky produced, we embarked on a speculative journey, trying to guess what kind of a tree-dimensional object he could have tried to sketch. The resulting object has one side or façade, namely the view from top down, which has been inspired by the sketch given to us. It also has four new facades which are a result of our speculative search for Brodsky’s object.

– EM2N