Alternative Histories: Hild und K Architekten on James Gowan

Hild und K Architekten, James Gowan’s curved shapes and a car, 2018. Pear wood, 210 × 145 × 140 mm.
James Gowan (1923–2015), curved shapes and a car, sketchbook 5, 1973. Pen and ink, 184 × 210 mm. DMC 2657.10.

“Form follows fender”

In James Gowan’s parallel projections we were particularly interested in their spatial qualities, and how the form could develop. Seen as a negative space, it could be a staggered courtyard.

James Gowan used a car shape as a reference. By extracting the theme and duplicating the shape additional spatial qualities were developed. Positive and negative spaces are over and under the surface.

– Hild und K Architekten