Alternative Histories: Max Otto Zitzelsberger on Louis Tullius Joachim Visconti

Max Otto Zitzelsberger, Louis Tullius Joachim Visconti’s section of an industrial or agricultural building, 2018. Wooden sticks, white cardboard, printed paper, 450 × 60 × 220 mm.
Louis Tullius Joachim Visconti (1791–1853), lengthwise section, project for a building, possibly a stable, 1830. Pen and ink on laid paper, 440 × 565 mm. DMC 1655.3.

Building upon Building

Building upon buildings, drawing upon drawings, thinking upon thoughts.

If this architectural drawing of Visconti has ever been realised, I do not know. In the end I am only interested in his architectural vision. Construction boards bear ideas and visions, before these become reality. They tell stories of what is to come, but is not there yet. Perhaps they even tell stories of a past, that has never been.

What did Visconti’s construction board look like? I would have done it this way. The board shows the project. The construction behind it is the project. An architectural image. A picture of a picture. 

– Max Otto Zitzelsberger