Alternative Histories: Eagles of Architecture on Adolfo Natalini

Eagles of Architecture, Adolfo Natalini’s sketches of the Colosseum, 2018. Foam block, aluminium T profiles, brass plates, screw-bulb lamps, screw base, cable lug, electric copper cable, electrical transformer, UK plug adapter, neon sign, 240 × 630 × 2800 mm.
Adolfo Natalini (1941–2020), sketch, Superstudio Colosseum, 1969–1970. Pen and ink on thin wove paper, 340 × 275 mm. DMC 2141.15.

Hope as an attitude.
Hope in the merging of two conflictual realities.
Hope when considering the multiplicity of realms around which the encounter revolves.

The paradigm which lays at the heart of the SUPERSTUDIO
sketch raises a series of urgencies, doubts, eventualities.
The model aims at intensifying these.

In the model, a shift is operated on one of the two figures.
This shift reflects our perspective towards this paradigm.
Perhaps hope is, at this point, also joined by fun.

– Eagles of Architecture