Galleries in the Valley

Abigail Calva, Basil Harb, Erin Huang, Claire Oster and Sarah Tien

Throughout the spring semester at Cornell University, five students in Alessandra Cianchetta’s design studio Global Artscapes worked on designs for a gallery in the valley at Shatwell. For this, they used photographs and videos in default of a site visit. The brief was for an exhibition space to accommodate the display of up to fifty architectural drawings from the Drawing Matter collection. Each student then curated a virtual exhibition for their gallery that was loosely organised around the theme of public space and its representation. They also worked with Chillida Leku to integrate sculpture into the final projects.

Films, made by the five students (Basil Harb, Erin Huang, Sarah Tien, Abigail Calva, and Claire Oster) for their final presentations of the semester, are included here. Each student addresses the context of the Shatwell site and the formal role of the building within it, as well as the problems of display that are specific to architectural material; each in different, thoughtful, and sensitive ways.

Basil Harb:

Erin Huang:

Sarah Tien:

Abigail Calva:

Claire Oster: