Cedric Price: The Evolving Image

Cedric Price: The Evolving Image opened at the RIBA’s Heinz Gallery on 8 October 1975 and ran until 29 November. The exhibition was a drawings show of mostly unbuilt works and Price was at once the subject, designer and organiser. Writing in the Architects’ Journal, Sutherland Lyall, the journal’s building editor, compared the exhibition to a student crit: laid out in an ad hoc manner, comprising half-finished sketches, models, slides, and tape recordings Price commenting on his own texts. All that was missing, Lyall suggested, was the man himself ‘sweating it out’ in front of his drawings.

Reproduced below is a part of the twelve-page exhibition guide designed by Price for The Evolving Image. It is A5 in format and was presented in a staple-sealed plastic bag alongside a pin badge – which Price’s pink handwritten statements claim can produce a low-pressure gasometer at a 1:675 scale, a turning circle for dust cart at 1:250, or, simply, a plug at 1:1. The guide, as Price explains on the second page, is unillustrated to avoid distorting the ‘immediacy of the visual impact’ of the drawings on display; in reproducing it here, the guide serves as a series of propositions on architecture and ways of displaying architectural drawings.

Cedric Price (1934–2003), Scale badge made for The Evolving Image exhibition at the Heinz Gallery, 1975. Pin bade.
Cedric Price (1934–2003), Cover sheet, The Evolving Image, 1975. Lithograph on emulsion coated paper.
Cedric Price (1934–2003), Exhibition poster, The Evolving Image, 1975. Print.