Three Timber Constructions

David Grandorge

When forested and harvested responsibly timber can be considered as a sustainable, renewable resource. With regard to its use as the material of choice in these self-build projects, it has two distinct advantages: firstly, it is fairly cheap relative to other building products. Secondly, it is a democratic material – one can move from a base of low skill to medium skill in a couple of hours and from medium skill to fairly high skill in a few days.

Between 2008 and 2010, David Grandorge completed three commissions for self-build timber constructions, The Finnforest Pavilion, The Timber Room and the Hadspen Belvedere. These projects were concerned with the development of a language for contemporary timber buildings with a particular emphasis on filigree construction. This free booklet describes with colour photos the physical and spatial outcomes of each of these projects.



36 pp. with colour photos