Leicester Engineering Building: Under Construction

James Gowan

Follow James Gowan, through his own photographs, as he inspects the construction progress of the Leicester Engineering Building. While these photographs may have been taken for immediate use at the time, they now serve as a permanent record of the temporary and internal structures that were later disassembled or concealed.

This is the first of three posts publishing material found in the James Gowan archive, now part of the Drawing Matter Collection. The second post will be a companion to this one, and reproduces photographs of the completed Engineering Building; the third assembles archival material relating to the Isle of Wight house, complied in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Architecture and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum.


After puzzling over who the female figure in the first photograph might be, the editors received the following from Joanna Gowan (31/7/21): ‘I certainly didn’t know that my mother had been up on the scaffolding’.