Nuno Melo Sousa: authority

Nuno Melo Sousa

This text is a part of a series of reflections by Nuno Melo Sousa on his drawing practices. Click here for the series introduction.

Digital archive of scanned drawings.

there is no authority.
there is no gravity.
there is no fee.
there is no programme.
there is no agenda.
there is no time.
there is no client.
there is no plot.

Creatures. Creatures to occupy space.
Coordinates that dictate intentions and expectations.
Building before buildings and architecture to be.
Space to be.
Thoughts melting as coincidences; verses of each other.
As a hyperlink, a hypertext or hyper everything.

Post-physical realm. As strings out of tune, squeezed between fingers, still finding their way through harmony and noise.

To fight the slowness of things to be done, of things to come, the anxiety of a wait that can never be reached. We do it all over and over in circles, generating other structures to be assembled, one day, while fighting boredom and inner hurricanes.

Or, just a lack of patience.
One can not demolish them.