Álvaro Siza: A Vertical Dream

António Choupina and Álvaro Siza

In this short video, António Choupina and Álvaro Siza discuss a sketch for an imaginary skyscraper from Caderno 32 (1979), now in the Drawing Matter Collection. Siza describes his interest in Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Mile-High Illinois’ or ‘Sky City’ tower (1957), and his work for Rogério de Azevedo on the Rialto Building (1942 – 48) in Porto.

A facsimile of the sketch is included in the exhibition ‘Two Towers’ at the Aedes Architecture Forum in Berlin, curated by António Choupina and open until 5 July 2023. Read an article on the exhibition by Eduard Kögel, here.

Álvaro Siza (1933), Imaginary skyscraper, page from Caderno 32, 1979. Biro on paper, 297 × 210 mm. DMC 2529.38.

The exhibition is a celebration of Siza’s 90th birthday and his continuing contributions of architectural practice and discourse. Read more texts on Siza’s work—both in his voice and other’s—here.