Power & Public Space 10: Dank Lloyd Wright – Meme Space

Matthew Blunderfield and Dank Lloyd Wright

Power & Public Space is a podcast from Drawing Matter and the Architecture Foundation hosted by Matthew Blunderfield. You can find the full podcast series here. Or listen now:

Memes are increasingly permeating architectural discourse, with Instagram accounts like Dank Lloyd Wright ‘holding models of power to account, especially when power manifests as aesthetics.’

The meme itself, in Dank Lloyd Wright’s hands, is a sophisticated visual tool, with its own codes, styles and languages that mirror the ever-shifting currents of internet culture. DLW’s critiques and the debates around them take place almost exclusively online, and in the comments section of their instagram account in particular, in an era where public life itself need not extend beyond the screen. 

Meme space, as the anonymous Instagram collective Dank Lloyd Wright explains, ‘has the potential to showcase what criticism could be when it is detached from the profit motives of advertising, self promotion, and clout chasing’. In this episode DLW discuss what ‘meme space’ means to them, and the kind of virtual public forums it fosters. 

Memes from the Dank Lloyd Wright Instagram account.