L'Invasion de la Viande

criton_2054_1200.jpg – Drawing Matter

Jean Criton (*1930), Mounument pour un Rosbeef, c. 1968 – 1969. Pen, ink and coloured chalks on buff paper, 321 × 251 mm.

As part of an imagined intervention in the subterranean spaces of the redeveloped Les Halles, Jean Criton’s project describes the new Metro station invaded, in a sinister process of parthenogenesis, by the meat from the Pavillon de la Boucherie, which had stood on the site until its controversial demolition eight years before.

The project was published in L’Ivre des Pierres No.3 as the site re-opened, as part of a sustained lament for the loss of the nineteenth-century city. It was accompanied by the poem by Elie Delamare-Deboutville reproduced below.


Pierres_viande_1_1200.jpg – Drawing Matter

The first stage of the invasion....

Pierres_Viande_5_1200.jpg – Drawing Matter

... and the fifth: la viande emerges from underground