Krier/Culot: Architecture, language and process (1977)

Robert Maxwell

The essay by Robert Maxwell linked below was sent to Drawing Matter by Celia Scott earlier this year. It was first published in Architectural Design, March 1977, as part of a longer feature titled ‘The Role of Ideology’, which discussed the theme through the writing of the architect and historian Manfredo Tafuri, and the architectural projects of Maurice Culot and Leon Krier.

From 13 September – 25 November 2022, work by Robert Maxwell and Celia Scott will be shown at the Irish Architectural Archive, Dublin, in the exhibition, Sweet Disorder and the Carefully Careless. Ideas, Faces and Places: Robert Maxwell and Celia Scott.

As part of the exhibition, a symposium will take place at 3pm on Thursday, 15 September with speakers including Ellis Woodman, Edward Jones, Irina Davidovici, Kenneth Frampton and John Tuomey. If you can’t make it in person, it is possible to join via this zoom link with the Meeting ID: 811 9812 1380 and Passcode: 752332 

‘A City within a City’, Leon Krier’s New Quartier de la Villette, 1976. Reproduced from AD/3/77.