Pan Scroll Zoom 8: Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch

This is the eighth in a series of texts edited by Fabrizio Gallanti on the challenges in the new world of online architectural teaching and, particularly, on the changing role of drawings in presentations and reviews. In this episode we share Instagram posts by Patrick Lynch in which he describes his experience of participating in crits online.

‘One benefit of Lockdown 3 is the ability to attend crits all over the place without having to pollute the planet via travel. […]’

‘[…] The downside being that you don’t get to travel, meet people properly, everything is digital (there’s already far too much of this in architecture anyway) and – I dunno, it’s just not the same is it? […]’

‘[…] Anyway, I was “in” Germany last week and I’m going to be “at” Milan Polytechnic next week. I find it helps to draw people’s projects as they’re talking about their schemes, and to hold these up to the camera when trying to communicate. Here are some sketches of students working in the @folly_fatuk studio of @lundberg_samuel made last week. My top tip: draw in crits, it helps everyone I think.’

Sketches from crits at Milan Polytechnic:

‘Sketches from the @ku_archland crits last week – some extremely laconic comments, e.g. “make it visible”, etc.  @cathy_hawley_  @tomcoward1

‘Sketches from the @schoolofarchitecturelimerick 4th year reviews yesterday for @elizabethhatz and Ger Carty. Visual notes of what was being said in the presentations, and by implication, what the consequences might be next, plus some suggested reading.’