John Hejduk

John Hejduk, Silent Witness, 1975, DM 2290 IN SET – Drawing Matter

John Hejduk (1929–2000), Silent Witness, 1975. Magic marker and watercolour on three boards, 315 × 647 mm.

I believe in books and the written word, therefore I fabricate works with the hope that they will be recorded in books. I am pragmatic and believe in keeping records. I believe to record is to bear witness.

– John Hejduk in Such Places as Memory, 1998


On Hejduk's Three Projects, that propose his diamond thesis and invoke the isometric drawing; on the first Drawing Matter exhibition Land Marks, in which this triptych was included; on Hejduk's Bye House, which was included in the exhibition, This Was Tomorrow; and on works by Peter Eisenman and Michael Graves, who along with Hejduk, were part of the New York Five.