Cedric Price: Westal Market Stall Prototypes


The way I remember it, a couple of years after the transfer of the ownership of the major part of the paper archive (over which I had been involved, as a kind of mediator), Cedric asked me to help with dismantling the Store Street studio, where he was giving up the lease. It was agreed than anything strictly archival that emerged would go to Canada (at that point the main body of papers was still in store in London waiting to be shipped).

I had already had some difficulty persuading the CCA to accept the prototype market stalls, which Cedric and I found under an ‘up’ ramp in the underground parking at the Brunswick Centre. In the event, they took one of the three stalls, and the other two came to Shatwell.

In addition to the stalls, the table from the White Room, and his collection of toy robots, Cedric also insisted that I took several boxes of ephemera – magazine articles, interviews and pamphlet publications. There was so much of this, that we made a selection of the multiples and shipped them, and one of the stalls, to the College of Physicians, for the ‘Wake’ after the AA day – I spent most of the evening handing stuff out!

– Niall Hobhouse, quoted from a letter to Ana Bonet, January 2021.

A copy of the demonstration video now in the Drawing Matter collection. DMC 2977.1.

The film above was digitised from a mouldy VHS tape found amongst the ephemera from Price’s office.

For more on the Westal Market Stall prototypes, explore the project on the CCA’s catalogue.