Hans Hollein: Everything is Architecture

Hans Hollein, City Communication Interchange, 1962, DM 2490.018 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Hans Hollein (1934–2014), Study for the City, Communication Interchange, 1962. Pencil and ink on paper, 329 × 418 mm. © Estate of the architect.

Limited and traditional definitions of architecture and its means have lost their validity. Today the environment as a whole is the goal of our activities – and all the media of its determination: TV or artificial climate, transportation or clothing, telecommunication or shelter. The extension of the human sphere and the means of its determination go far beyond a built statement. Today everything becomes architecture. ‘Architecture’ is just one means, just one possibility.

– Hans Hollein, ‘Everything is Architecture’


On a more extensive collection from Hans Hollein; on works by other contemporaries of Hollein and members of the Viennese avant-garde, Walter Pichler, Zund-Up and Haus Rucker; and on the environments to which Hollein refers, works and archival documents for The New Domestic Landscape - originally called The New Domestic Environment - at the Museum of Modern Art.