Haus-Rücker-Co., Conference Room, ‘Wind Cover’ project, Museum Haus Lange, 1971. Photomechanical print from a pencil and coloured pencil drawing, 300 × 400 mm. DMC 1984.

This art collective – we might call them the ‘house thief company’ or ‘house drawing company’– took its name from a pun on the verb ‘to draw’ and an old slang word for ‘thief’. Their projects during this period involved interventions in which a house or building would be ‘stolen’ and adapted to radical new uses. The proposed occupation of Mies van der Rohe’s Haus Lange covered the building with a wind cover and reinstalled its rooms to house visionary functions anticipating new media technologies, including a conference room in which all communication would be through tubes – an ironic variation on Ugo La Pietra’s exploration of the ambiguity of isolation and sociability.