Zund-up, Auto Expander, 1969, DM 2157.2 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Zünd-Up (*1967), The Great Vienna Auto Expander, 1969. Pencil and red ink on tracing paper, 300 × 490 mm.

An element in this Viennese collective’s proposal to extend the city into a newly ‘psycho-dynamic’ street and park system, this ‘Cortina-Bob-Bahn’ would have ornamented the gardens of the Prater with a drive-yourself roller-coaster tower some 1500 metres high.


On Michael Webb's still unfinished 1960s Sin Centre, in which the car becomes the plaything of architecture, and the ramped project about its dynamism and speed; on Zund-Up's erotic collages; and on other works of Viennese avant-garde, Walter Pichler and Hans Hollein.