Diplomatics and Instrumentality of the Drawing / William Butterfield

Nicholas Olsberg

This film is part of series of posts of selected papers from the study symposium at Shatwell Farm, hosted by Drawing Matter and convened by KU Leuven and TU Delft on 27 and 28 April 2023. More about the symposium, and other films and written papers, can be found here.

In this film, Nicholas Olsberg discusses William Butterfield’s alterations of Heath’s Court for John Duke Coleridge. The full portfolio of drawings can be viewed on Drawing Matter’s collection catalogue.


Nicholas Olsberg, former director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture and founding Head of the Getty Research Institute Special Collections, is an independent archivist, curator, critic and historian with a particular interest in architectural ideas and artefacts as an expression of the society and temper of their time. He is currently completing a major study of William Butterfield, and a documentary publication on the conception, construction, and reception of Richard Neutra’s Lovell Health House, both to be published in 2024.