Michael Webb

Michael Webb, Sin centre car ramp, perspective, 1962, DM 1101.7 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Michael Webb (*1937), Sin Centre, Leicester Square, London, isometric of car ramp, c. 1965. Pencil and graphite on airbrush board, 410 × 530 mm.

[A]ll this can, and is meant to happen on the parking ramps of the Sin Centre: couples bring along their own mobile living room and view the action, neck or talk.

– Michael Webb


On Michael Webb's description of the Sin Centre, and the two circulation systems of the elevator and ramp; on Mark Dorrian's description of driving as drawing, in relation to the Sin Centre; on an another project that delights in the ramp and the speed of the car, Zund Up's Auto Expander; and on the 2018 exhibition In/Out for which curator and designer Liz Diller thought the Sin Centre was integral.