Robert Venturi

Robert Venturi, Facade Study for Gordon Wu Hall, Butler College Princeton, 1981, DM 2041 IN SET – Drawing Matter

Robert Venturi (*1925), Facade Study for Gordon Wu Hall, Butler College, Princeton, 1981. Marker pen ink on trace, 304 × 645 mm.

Lying on the border between an elevation and a perspective, with a bold delineation of the facade and a vague evocation of the volume it bounds, this sketch seems to reflect — in its manner as in the form it explores — everything Venturi had to say about the weaving together of contradictions, the decisive and the uncertain, to achieve the ‘difficult whole’.


On other drawings and techniques during the postmodern era, those of Michael Graves, in particular the elevation of his Vacation House in Aspen, and that of his Fargo Moorhead Cultural Bridge; and for another take on Complexity and Contradiction, as it manifests itself in Drawing Matter and the Shatwell Project, Polly Gould on Conjunction and Incongruity