Title Author Date
Protected: A Missing Drawing John Evelyn Jul 18th 2024
Object of Desire — Haff Cross-Hatch Machine Jeremy Peacock Jul 18th 2024
Watchful Solitude: John Hejduk and Venice Marina Correia Jul 15th 2024
Relics of Electronic Hallucinations Uri Wegman Jul 11th 2024
Manufacturers Trust Bank Janet Parks Jul 9th 2024
Gavin Stamp: Interwar, British Architecture 1919-1939 Otto Saumarez Smith Jul 8th 2024
Sydney’s Infill Facades Ellie Skinner Jul 5th 2024
Protected: Luigi Moretti and Spazio: Structures and Sequences of Spaces Marco Vanucci Jul 2nd 2024
Protected: Wolkenbügel: El Lissitzky as Architect Richard Anderson and Markus Lähteenmäki Jul 1st 2024
Shatwell Farm: Covering over, bagging up, tying down Emily Priest Jul 1st 2024
OMA: Rotterdam—Child’s Crusade Richard Hall Jun 28th 2024
Fabric Object: Diana Agrest and Mario Gandelsonas Stan Allen, Beatriz Colomina, Michael Meredith, Jesse Reiser and Mark Wigley Jun 27th 2024
Frank Lloyd Wright at Drawing Matter Editors and Nicholas Olsberg Jun 25th 2024
Protected: Luigi Moretti and Spazio: Abstract Forms of Baroque Sculpture Marco Vanucci Jun 24th 2024
Peter Wilson and Mark Dorrian in conversation – Part 1 Mark Dorrian and Peter Wilson Jun 20th 2024
Protected: A Will to the City Lars Lerup Jun 19th 2024
The Poetry of Concrete Lina Bo Bardi Jun 17th 2024
Protected: In the Archive: New and Found 4 Editors Jun 14th 2024
On the Street Edwin Heathcote Jun 14th 2024
Protected: Fabric Object: Diana Agrest and Mario Gandelsonas Erin Besler, Marshall Brown, Sylvia Lavin and Michael Meredith Jun 10th 2024
Lapo Binazzi: Casa a Diacceto Beatrice Lampariello Jun 10th 2024
DMJ – Burning Drawing Paddi Alice Benson Jun 6th 2024
The GSD Sketching Group and the Call for Sketchbooks Exhibition Juan Fernández González Jun 3rd 2024
OMA: Elia Zenghelis—Watersheds Richard Hall May 31st 2024
Begin again. Fail Better: Pichler and Hollein Matt Page May 29th 2024
Louis-Hippolyte Lebas at Drawing Matter Editors and Nicholas Olsberg May 27th 2024
Notes from Rome Diane Lewis May 23rd 2024
Peter Wilson in the Empire of Signs Mark Dorrian May 22nd 2024
Architectural models and the oriental ideal of the Alhambra Asun González Pérez May 20th 2024
O.M. Ungers: Drawing a metaphor Diogo Lopes and Fanny Noël May 17th 2024
John Hejduk’s Farm Library Mehrshad Atashi and Lida Badafareh May 15th 2024
Banham in Buffalo Brian Carter May 13th 2024
Hermann Czech: Approximate Line of Action Mikael Bergquist May 9th 2024
DMJ – Instruments of Uncertain Occupation Nat Chard May 8th 2024
Giuseppe Terragni’s Primordial Architecture Valerio Paolo Mosco May 6th 2024
In the Archive: New and Found 3 Editors May 3rd 2024
The Well-Constructed Joke: Comic Architecture Holger Kleine May 1st 2024
Sugimoto and Architecture Hiroshi Sugimoto Apr 29th 2024
Sugimoto and Architecture: A Conversation between David Chipperfield and Ralph Rugoff David Chipperfield and Ralph Rugoff Apr 29th 2024
James Stirling, and the Industrialization of Architecture? Lok-Kan Chau Apr 26th 2024
A Bath for Immortality Clara Maria Puglisi Apr 24th 2024
Hans Hollein at Drawing Matter Editors and Nicholas Olsberg Apr 23rd 2024
­­­Constant’s Ladders as Mythic Entity Alison Bartlett Apr 22nd 2024
OMA: London—Foreplay Richard Hall Apr 19th 2024
Mies van der Rohe: Clarity as the Aim Carlos Martí Arís Apr 17th 2024
Design Drawings Damage Atlas (2023) Neil Bingham Apr 15th 2024
Helsinki City Theatre: Timo Penttilä on the real purpose of drawings Gareth Griffiths Apr 12th 2024
DMJ – Enzo Mari, Formazione Dinamica di una Sfera Reticolata Rosie Ellison-Balaam Apr 10th 2024
Shatwell Farm: Appendages Emily Priest Apr 8th 2024
C.S. Peach and the Cruciform Design of the Cathedral C.M. Howell Apr 5th 2024
Trevor Dannatt: St Mary’s Grove — Through the Door Adrian Dannatt Apr 3rd 2024
Erik Gunnar Asplund at Drawing Matter Editors and Nicholas Olsberg Apr 2nd 2024
The Captive Globe Reinier de Graaf Mar 28th 2024
Masterplanning the University of London Bill Sherman Mar 27th 2024
Branzi, Observed: Autocatalytic, Earnestly Jaded Julian Escudero Geltman Mar 25th 2024
Helmut Jacoby: The Amon Carter Museum Malcolm Reading Mar 22nd 2024
DMJ – The Sun as Drawing Machine: Towards the Unification of Projection Systems from Villalpando to Farish Francisco Javier Girón Sierra Mar 20th 2024
Connor Street: Made by Many Hands Kieran Hawkins Mar 18th 2024
The Animated Wall: A Fragile Vigour Saar Meganck Mar 14th 2024
DMJ – Template and Talisman Laura Harty Mar 13th 2024
Shatwell Farm: Sheds and Silos Emily Priest Mar 11th 2024
Geoffrey Bawa: Drawing from the Archives (2023) — Review Kathleen James-Chakraborty Mar 8th 2024
Artful Trades: Into a Market of Consumables Sarah Hearne Mar 6th 2024
Nobuo Sekine: The Weight of Things Nanase Shirokawa Mar 4th 2024
Unveiling the Enigma: Jan Henriksson’s Örebro Riksbank, 1987. Felicia Liang and William Wikström Feb 29th 2024
Where to Find a Drawing of a Swiss Gold Vault Ludo Groen Feb 28th 2024
Tim Robinson: Deep Mapping Tom Cookson Feb 26th 2024
Reality Modeled After Images: Architecture and Aesthetics after the Digital Image (2022) — Review Liam Ross Feb 24th 2024
Houses for Printing: A Microcosm of the World Sarah Hearne Feb 21st 2024
Shatwell Farm: Cars Emily Priest Feb 19th 2024
Ludwig Wittgenstein (and Gustav III of Sweden), designing gardens Tim Richardson Feb 15th 2024
DMJ – Grids and Squared Paper in Renaissance Architecture Fabio Colonnese Feb 14th 2024
Connor Street: Made by Many Hands Kieran Hawkins Feb 12th 2024
Giuliano Fiorenzoli: Because of Seeing Architecture (2023) – Review Stan Allen Feb 8th 2024
OMA: Rem Koolhaas—Initiative Feb 7th 2024
OMA: Collaborators—Satellites Feb 7th 2024
Protected: OMA: Big Competitions—Reorienting the Modern Project Richard Hall Feb 7th 2024
Architectural Covers: A Site of Design Sarah Hearne Feb 7th 2024
In the Archive: Alejandro Carrasco Hidalgo Alejandro Carrasco Hidalgo Feb 5th 2024
Charles Holden: A new campus for Bloomsbury Bill Sherman and Richard Temple Feb 2nd 2024
Simon Fraser University Arthur Erickson Feb 1st 2024
Careful Crudeness Karen Olesen Jan 31st 2024
Landing Square Scenarios: The Wilhelmina Pier & Luxor Theatre Peter Wilson Jan 29th 2024
The Religious Architecture of Alvar, Aino and Elissa Aalto (2023) — Review C.M. Howell Jan 26th 2024
Josep Maria Jujol: Ribbons with streamers everywhere Juan Mercadé Brulles, Jesús Esquinas-Dessy and Isabel Zaragoza Jan 25th 2024
DMJ – Pencils, Computers, Cameras Ahmed Belkhodja Jan 19th 2024
Visualizing the Renaissance Worksite and the problems of graphic translation   Jarne Geenens and Elizabeth Merrill Jan 17th 2024
Connor Street: Made by Many Hands Kieran Hawkins Jan 15th 2024
Return to the Archive Hans-Dieter Nägelke Jan 12th 2024
Aqueduct of Malagueira—Complexity or Contradiction Rodrigo Lino Gaspar Jan 10th 2024
Glarner Wirtschaftsarchiv Helen Thomas Jan 8th 2024
Schmitz and Drévet: The Egyptian Pavilions at the 1867 ‘Exposition Universelle’ Anja Segmüller Dec 15th 2023
Alberto Ponis, The London Years Gillian Darley Dec 14th 2023
DMJ – Canaletto’s Venetian Sketches and the Camera Obscura Philip Steadman Dec 13th 2023
The Polyhedrists (2022) – Review Rosie Ellison-Balaam Dec 8th 2023
DMJ – The Stereoautograph Pablo Garcia Dec 6th 2023
Connor Street: Made by Many Hands Kieran Hawkins Dec 4th 2023
On Drawing Raimund Abraham Nov 30th 2023
Mapping Cities: Barcelona and Paris Dibujantes CNT and Grand Marnier Nov 29th 2023
Guy Debord—An Art of War Laurence Le Bras and Emmanuel Guy Nov 29th 2023
Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild at Waddesdon Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild Nov 24th 2023
The ‘indispensable ingredients of sublimity’: Smirke and Papworth’s Designs for the Wellington Testimonial Colum O'Riordan Nov 20th 2023
Trevor Dannatt: St Mary’s Grove — I’m going to get medieval on your ass! Adrian Dannatt Nov 16th 2023
Heinz Isler: Natural Hills on Different Edge Lines John Chilton Nov 14th 2023
The Renewal of Dwelling (2023) – Review Rodrigo Lino Gaspar Nov 13th 2023
Protected: Emerging Ecologies: O.M. Ungers Nov 9th 2023
The Manufacture of architecture: Joseph Paxton and the development of the Great Stove Hugh Strange Nov 9th 2023
Fragments of a Polychrome Mosaic of a Roman Bath Building Konogan Beaufay Nov 8th 2023
Quantum Collecting: A Few Principles and Mechanisms for the Acquisition of Architectural Drawings Niall Hobhouse and Matt Page Nov 6th 2023
Connor Street: Made by Many Hands Kieran Hawkins Nov 3rd 2023
Drawing Research Platform, Somerset, 2023, ENAC Summer Workshop Alberto Johnsson, Arthur Masure, Daniel Nitsche, Toby Pullen and Alexander Turner Nov 1st 2023
Raffaello. Nato architetto (2023) – Review Dario Donetti Oct 30th 2023
Keep digging and you will find what you are looking for: Alvar Aalto in Germany Sofia Singler Oct 27th 2023
DMJ – Drawing Instruments from Sir John Soane’s Office Sue Palmer Oct 25th 2023
Repton does a Bernini – A crescent for The Ham Timothy Mowl Oct 24th 2023
Upper Lawn Pavilion: Strategy and Detail, Drawing / Feeling everything at once Stephen Bates Oct 20th 2023
Remembering Architecture Fraser Stables Oct 18th 2023
Owen Jones and the V&A (2023) and Style and Solitude (2023) – Review Adrian Forty Oct 17th 2023
Fragmentary Notes on Unclaiming the Life of a Drawing Bahar Avanoğlu Oct 13th 2023
Judit Reigl: Invisible Cities Janos Gat Oct 10th 2023
Gothic Put to Use: The Viollet-le-Duc Album Martin Bressani Oct 6th 2023
François Cointeraux: the Architect of the ‘Agricultural Proletariat’ Anja Segmüller Oct 5th 2023
DMJ — Of Lines Terrestrial and Occult: Friedrich Gilly, Alberto Sartoris, Adolphe Appia, and the Matter of Perspective Ross Anderson Oct 2nd 2023
Portals: The Visionary Architecture of Paul Goesch (2023) – Review Stan Allen Sep 29th 2023
Gathered Moments: Asplund’s Villa Snellman Andrew Carr Sep 28th 2023
Hans Hollein & Spiritual Expression in Architecture C.M. Howell Sep 22nd 2023
Work with your hands: AUB Summer School 2023 Timothy Christian Murphy Sep 21st 2023
Trevor Dannatt: St Mary’s Grove — Garage door trio Adrian Dannatt Sep 18th 2023
Elbe and Marte Karen Lohrmann and Stefano de Martino Sep 13th 2023
Architecture and Real Abstraction: Adler & Sullivan Francesco Marullo Sep 12th 2023
Jérôme-Charles Bellicard: Metamorphoses Janine Barrier Sep 8th 2023
Fraser Stables: Remembering Architecture  Matt Page Sep 6th 2023
Designs on Democracy (2022) – Review Ellis Woodman Sep 5th 2023
Denise Scott Brown ‘From Soane to the Strip’ Denise Scott Brown Sep 1st 2023
Alberto Ponis: Drawing Landscape Team SHICHAI拾柴 Aug 30th 2023
Trevor Dannatt: St Mary’s Grove — Hook & Extension Adrian Dannatt Aug 28th 2023
Comins x Shatwell Tea House Various Aug 25th 2023
Capilla Pajaritos Alberto Cruz Aug 24th 2023
Diplomatics and Instrumentality of the Drawing / William Butterfield Nicholas Olsberg Aug 21st 2023
DMJ – The Art of Measuring Images: Albrecht Meydenbauer and the Invention of the Photographic Survey Emma Letizia Jones Aug 18th 2023
Thinking Through Twentieth-Century Architecture (2023) – Review André Patrão Aug 17th 2023
Chloethiel Woodard Smith Kathleen James-Chakraborty Aug 16th 2023
I AND WE Richard Hall Aug 16th 2023
Poetry and Architecture (2023) — Review Peter Carl Aug 11th 2023
Quinta da Malagueira Pier Vittorio Aureli Aug 11th 2023
Alberto Ponis: Casa Scalesciani Team SHICHAI拾柴 Aug 9th 2023
Patrick Gwynne: Colour by Numbers Neil Bingham Aug 7th 2023
A Gentler Giant Leif Findlay Aug 2nd 2023
Frank Lloyd Wright: Memorial to the Soil David G. De Long Jul 31st 2023
Trevor Dannatt: St Mary’s Grove — Stone Head & Slab Adrian Dannatt Jul 26th 2023
Denise Scott Brown. In Other Eyes: Portraits of an Architect (2022) – Review Mark Pimlott Jul 24th 2023
Sant’Elia and Global Futurist Architecture Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Jul 21st 2023
What does a drawing sound like? Brian Carter Jul 20th 2023
Protected: Frank Lloyd Wright in London Jul 19th 2023
The Palace of Dawn and Dusk / Palacio del Alba y del Ocaso Alberto Cruz Jul 17th 2023
Drawing Exercises: Design Process Matt Page and Fernando Poeiras Jul 14th 2023
Drawing Exercises: Creativity Matt Page and Fernando Poeiras Jul 12th 2023
Alberto Ponis: Pathways Team SHICHAI拾柴 Jul 12th 2023
Learning From Machine Learning, on designer trees and architectural historiographies of the digital Sylvia Lavin Jul 11th 2023
William Butterfield: Forms and Transformations Nicholas Olsberg Jul 10th 2023
Building as Drawing: the Cowshed (2021) at Shatwell Farm Helen Thomas Jul 7th 2023
A Christmas Card from Ralph Erskine Nicholas Ray Jul 6th 2023
Instagram, Indifference, and Postcritique in US Architectural Discourse Joseph Bedford Jul 5th 2023
Trevor Dannatt: St Mary’s Grove — House Number & Gate Adrian Dannatt Jul 4th 2023
John Hejduk’s Bye House: An Object in the Landscape Stan Allen and Marina Correia Jun 29th 2023
Alberto Ponis: Studio di Yasmin Team SHICHAI拾柴 Jun 23rd 2023
Material Reform, Building for a Post-Carbon Future (2023) – Review Elke Krasny Jun 23rd 2023
Álvaro Siza: A Vertical Dream António Choupina and Álvaro Siza Jun 21st 2023
Casa Ugalde Sketch Laura Bonell and Daniel Lopez-Doriga Jun 19th 2023
Modelling the Metropolis: The Architectural Model in Victorian London (2023) – Review Andrew Saint Jun 15th 2023
Drawing as Preservation Lisa Huang Jun 14th 2023
Trevor Dannatt: St Mary’s Grove — Gap and Sign Adrian Dannatt Jun 13th 2023
Hardman & Co. Sarah James Jun 9th 2023
Through a Glass Darkly Niall Hobhouse Jun 6th 2023
Leonora Oppenheim: Shatwell Edition Print Jun 5th 2023
The First Exercise, One Door and One Window Tania Garduño Israde Jun 1st 2023
‘A free composition of bodies’: the Härlanda Church Peter Celsing May 30th 2023
Nuno Melo Sousa: weight Nuno Melo Sousa May 26th 2023
Nuno Melo Sousa: on big papers Nuno Melo Sousa May 26th 2023
Nuno Melo Sousa: on small papers Nuno Melo Sousa May 26th 2023
Nuno Melo Sousa: on walls Nuno Melo Sousa May 26th 2023
Nuno Melo Sousa: authority Nuno Melo Sousa May 26th 2023
On Authority Nuno Melo Sousa May 26th 2023
Architectural manuals and Pacific speculations Sarah Treadwell May 23rd 2023
Sverre Fehn and the Territorial Eye Erika Brandl May 18th 2023
Architects at Play (2023) – Review Mathilde de Laage May 15th 2023
Bruno Taut’s ‘Alpine Architektur’ Iain Boyd Whyte May 12th 2023
DMJ – From Hearths to Volcanoes: the Armenian glkhatun Guillaume Othenin-Girard May 9th 2023
Futures of the Architectural Exhibition (2023) – Review Paul Mosley May 5th 2023
Drawing Programme: A Drawing Matter Workshop Niall Hobhouse, Manuel Montenegro and Amy Teh May 2nd 2023
DMJ 1 – The Geological Imagination Mark Dorrian and Kurt Forster Apr 28th 2023
Accademia Bridge Proposals: Venice Biennale 1985 Editors Apr 28th 2023
Peter Wilson: Ponte dell’Accademia Adrian Hawker Apr 26th 2023
Nuno Melo Sousa: in cahiers Nuno Melo Sousa Apr 25th 2023
T.O.P. Office and the Accademia Bridge Luc Deleu Apr 24th 2023
Archive Politics Pedro Baía and Carlos Machado e Moura Apr 21st 2023
Materia 5: Timber Gordon Shrigley Apr 18th 2023
Drawing Architecture: Conversations on Contemporary Practice (2022) – Review Emilie Appercé Apr 14th 2023
Avant-Garde as Method, Vkhutemas and the Pedagogy of Space, 1920 – 1930 (2020) – Review Peter Carl Apr 12th 2023
The City in Dispute (2023) – Review  Aureli Mora Apr 10th 2023
Abelardo Morell Rebecca Connor Reading Apr 6th 2023
Aldo Rossi: ‘Shards’ and Smooth Surfaces for an Architecture of Longue Durée Beatrice Lampariello Apr 3rd 2023
MJ Long’s Doll House Elena Palacios Carral Mar 31st 2023
Drawing Construction: A Drawing Matter Workshop Niall Hobhouse, Manuel Montenegro and Amy Teh Mar 29th 2023
Álvaro Siza — An ‘Amoral’ Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura Mar 27th 2023
Richard Neutra’s Corona Avenue School Nicholas Olsberg Mar 22nd 2023
Vitruvius Without Text (2022) – Review Helen Thomas Mar 20th 2023
Nancy Goldring: Drawings and Foto-Projections Leann Davis Alspaugh and Nancy Goldring Mar 17th 2023
Protected: Collection News: Binazzi and UFO, Burton, Gounod, Siza, Visconti and more Editors Mar 13th 2023
Construct Richard Hall Mar 13th 2023
Ghost Parking Lot James Wines Mar 10th 2023
Drawing Sites: A Drawing Matter Workshop Niall Hobhouse, Manuel Montenegro and Amy Teh Mar 8th 2023
Homegrown: Building a Post-Carbon Future (2023) – review Rosie Ellison-Balaam Mar 6th 2023
DMJ – Asphalt Tales and the Ends of History Nicholas Boyarsky Mar 3rd 2023
DMJ – Shallow Cuts: the geological sectioning of Newcastle, NSW Michael Chapman Mar 3rd 2023
Geography of Hope: Hans Hollein and John Hejduk Nicholas Olsberg Mar 1st 2023
Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine on the Moriyama House What is a House For and Bêka & Lemoine Feb 28th 2023
Alison and Peter Smithson’s Collages as Reinventing Established Reality Marianna Charitonidou Feb 24th 2023
Caruso St John Collected Works: Volume 1, 1990 – 2005 – Review Sofie De Caigny Feb 21st 2023
About Malagueira: Siza’s Poem on Page 27 of Sketchbook 01 Rodrigo Lino Gaspar Feb 20th 2023
Geography of Hope: Bruce Goff Nicholas Olsberg Feb 17th 2023
In the Archive: de la Fuente, Unknown, OMA, Ellwood and Ponis Sarah Hearne Feb 15th 2023
Porto: Paving Work on Rua de António Sardinha Ivo Martins Feb 14th 2023
Aldo Rossi: Transforming Artefacts into Objects of Affection Marianna Charitonidou Feb 13th 2023
Architecture in Archives: The Collection of the Akademie der Künste (2016) – Review Irina Davidovici Feb 10th 2023
Emilio Ambasz’s ‘Italy, The New Domestic Landscape’ (1972) Editors Feb 9th 2023
Pier Vittorio Aureli: Ambiguous Drawings Paco Alfaro Anguita Feb 7th 2023
Letter of Authorisation to Discuss Late Ottoman Archive Drawings as Operational Images Ecem Arslanay and Mina Gürsel Tabanlıoğlu Feb 6th 2023
W. R. Lethaby: Philip Webb and His Work Hugh Strange Feb 3rd 2023
Le Corbusier: The ‘Open hand’ as an expression of freedom? Marianna Charitonidou Feb 2nd 2023
Geography of Hope: John Lautner Nicholas Olsberg Jan 31st 2023
Forecast and Fantasy: Architecture without Borders 1960s to 1980s – Review Markus Lähteenmäki Jan 30th 2023
Shed for Carolyn George Gibbs Jan 26th 2023
Neighbours in Space and Time: Grafton Architects at the Soane Museum – Review Simon Henley Jan 25th 2023
Historic England Image Archive Arthur Prior-Palmer Jan 23rd 2023
Grotto-Heavens: Rockeries, Dreamscapes and the Chinese Garden Ethan Loo Jan 20th 2023
DMJ – Dialogues between Architecture And Granite in Punta Sardegna Alberto Ponis Jan 20th 2023
Geography of Hope: Adolfo Natalini and Superstudio Nicholas Olsberg Jan 18th 2023
Robert Bray: Design for a Playboy Duplex Penthouse, 1970 Philippa Lewis Jan 17th 2023
The Sasada Lab Felix Wilson Jan 16th 2023
W. R. Lethaby: Apprenticeship and Education Hugh Strange Jan 13th 2023
The ESB’s New Clothes Colum O'Riordan Jan 12th 2023
Materia 4: Brick Gordon Shrigley Jan 10th 2023
The City of Design Emilio Ambasz Jan 9th 2023
The Wessex Project: Thomas Hardy, Architect: Part III Kester Rattenbury Jan 6th 2023
The Work of Ernest and Esther Born: World’s Fair Nicholas Olsberg Jan 5th 2023
Owen Luder: Practice at Work Kate Wharton Jan 3rd 2023
The Wessex Project: Thomas Hardy, Architect: Part II Kester Rattenbury Dec 21st 2022
Drawing for James Stirling Walter Nageli Dec 20th 2022
fala: butterflies fala Dec 19th 2022
The Garden Transcripts Eleanor Evason Dec 16th 2022
Beverly Buchanan: here I am; I’m still here Clara Maria Blasius Dec 15th 2022
fala: photography fala Dec 13th 2022
The Wessex Project: Thomas Hardy, Architect: Part I Kester Rattenbury Dec 12th 2022
DMJ – The Sound of Magma: Geographies of Infrasound, Vibrating Bodies, and Representing the Earth Adam Bobbette Dec 9th 2022
DMJ – ‘All the varieties of Nature’s works under ground’: the Geological Imagination of Alexander Pope Yue Zhuang Dec 9th 2022
Useless Terrain: The Ballynagrenia and Ballinderry Bog Joseph Heffernan Dec 7th 2022
Johan Celsing Buildings Texts (2021) – Review Nina Lundvall Dec 6th 2022
Alberto Cruz: Observation, Act, Form – Review Matt Page Dec 2nd 2022
Open Letters: Harvard GSD Paul Mosley Dec 2nd 2022
Gothic Sublime Sonny Evans Dec 1st 2022
Oscar Niemeyer’s Cathedral in Brasília Ciro Miguel Nov 30th 2022
W. R. Lethaby: The Church of Sancta Sophia, Constantinople Hugh Strange Nov 28th 2022
fala: collages fala Nov 25th 2022
The Routledge Companion to Architectural Drawings and Models (2021) – Review Desley Luscombe Nov 24th 2022
The Usonia Plot at Pleasantville Editors Nov 23rd 2022
Joan Littlewood’s Memos to Cedric Price Ana Bonet Miró Nov 21st 2022
The Work of Ernest and Esther Born: Models for the City House Nicholas Olsberg Nov 18th 2022
From Afar Ajna Babahmetovic Nov 17th 2022
DMJ – Borromini’s Smudge Jonathan Foote Nov 15th 2022
DMJ – From Landscape to Mapscape: Robert Smithson’s Maps Bernhard Siegert Nov 15th 2022
The Project of Independence: Architectures of Decolonization in South Asia, 1947-1985 (2022) – Review Esra Akcan Nov 10th 2022
fala: execution drawings fala Nov 7th 2022
Queensway, Hong Kong Sony Devabhaktuni Nov 4th 2022
Heinz Isler Model John Chilton and Paul Shepherd Nov 2nd 2022
Sweet Disorder and the Carefully Careless: Ideas, Faces and Places (2022) – review Eric Parry and Robin Webster Oct 31st 2022
fala: renders fala Oct 28th 2022
Drawing Conversations: Letters to Clients Paul Clarke Oct 26th 2022
W. R. Lethaby: The Builder’s Art and the Craftsman Hugh Strange Oct 24th 2022
How Big is Big – Does Scale Matter? A Reflection on Scale in Architecture and Drawing Federica Goffi and Devon Moar Oct 21st 2022
Vilanova Artigas: Drawing Models – Review Laura Evans Oct 20th 2022
‘Then There Was War’: John Hejduk’s Silent Witnesses as Nuclear Criticism Mark Dorrian Oct 19th 2022
fala: wireframes fala Oct 17th 2022
Stendhal’s Autobiography: La Vie de Henri Brulard Christopher Woodward Oct 14th 2022
Two Way Traffic: Japanese Woodblock Prints Alex Faulkner Oct 12th 2022
Missing Link: Strategies of a Viennese Architecture Group (1970-1980) – Review Erik Wegerhoff Oct 10th 2022
Fronts and Faces Lera Samovich Oct 7th 2022
In the Archive: Petit, Lebas, Fontaine, Le Corbusier and Kolář Raphael Haque Oct 4th 2022
fala: comprehensive fala Oct 3rd 2022
Materia 3: Red Oxide Gordon Shrigley Sep 30th 2022
Kay Fisker: Danish Functionalism and Block-based Housing (2022) – Review Mark Pimlott Sep 29th 2022
Superstudio’s Collage Chest: A Chance Machine Jonah Ginsburg Sep 26th 2022
Robert Maxwell: The Letter, the Lost Sketchbook and the Lecture Editors Sep 23rd 2022
Where in the World are We? Melbourne Venice Studios 2022 Peter Wilson Sep 22nd 2022
fala: the single line fala Sep 19th 2022
After the Revolution: Dugourc in Spain Iris Moon Sep 16th 2022
Dugourc’s Playing Cards Iris Moon Sep 14th 2022
Ulmer House Extension Proposal: Baumschlager & Eberle Francesco Paini Sep 12th 2022
Aldo Rossi: Dieses Ist Lange Her/ora Questo e Perduto Jaime Tillería Durango Sep 9th 2022
Krier/Culot: Architecture, language and process (1977) Robert Maxwell Sep 7th 2022
Lenin’s Tomb, the Second Version Niall Hobhouse and Markus Lähteenmäki Sep 5th 2022
Gurdwara Ekam Singh Sep 1st 2022
Mies van der Rohe and the Universal Space Project Landry Smith Aug 30th 2022
William Burges: Architectural drawing Editors Aug 25th 2022
On Bramante (2022) – Review Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan Aug 22nd 2022
Edifice Philippa Lewis Aug 19th 2022
Turning Point: The US Embassy in Dublin Cormac Murray Aug 17th 2022
Objects That Meet Lars Lerup Aug 15th 2022
W. R. Lethaby: Architecture, Mysticism and Myth Hugh Strange Aug 10th 2022
Dalibor Vesely: Shared Horizons Biba Dow Aug 8th 2022
Power & Public Space 9: Ana Bonet Miró – Fun Palace Matthew Blunderfield and Ana Bonet Miró Aug 3rd 2022
The Cod of São Victor Pedro Bandeira Aug 1st 2022
Power & Public Space 8: Markus LäHteenmäki – Lev Rudnev’s Monument to the Victims of the Revolution Matthew Blunderfield and Markus Lähteenmäki Jul 29th 2022
Alberto Pérez-Gómez: Architecture as Drawing Mark Dorrian and Alberto Pérez-Gómez Jul 28th 2022
Power & Public Space 7: Mabel O. Wilson – Memorial to Enslaved Labourers, University of Virginia Matthew Blunderfield and Mabel O. Wilson Jul 27th 2022
Time’s Witness. History in the Age of Romanticism (2021) – Review Martin Bressani Jul 25th 2022
Power & Public Space 6: André Patrão – Eisenman, Derrida, and Chora L Works (Parc de la Villette) Matthew Blunderfield and André Patrão Jul 22nd 2022
Power & Public Space 5: Mark Wallinger – State Britain Matthew Blunderfield and Mark Wallinger Jul 20th 2022
Freddie Phillipson ‘The Ulysses Project’ – Review Peter Carl Jul 18th 2022
Power & Public Space 4: Jonas Žukauskas – Forest Parts Matthew Blunderfield and Jonas Žukauskas Jul 15th 2022
Materia 2: Corrugated Iron Gordon Shrigley Jul 14th 2022
Power & Public Space 3: Manuel Herz – Babyn Yar Synagogue Matthew Blunderfield and Manuel Herz Jul 13th 2022
Elia Zenghelis: The Image as Emblem and Storyteller Richard Hall Jul 11th 2022
Power & Public Space 2: Lauren Bon – Bending the River Back to the City Matthew Blunderfield and Lauren Bon Jul 8th 2022
Power & Public Space 1: Liza Fior – The Dalston Eastern Curve Garden Matthew Blunderfield and Liza Fior Jul 6th 2022
Sir Edwin Lutyens, by his Son Robert Lutyens Jul 4th 2022
Jan Tschichold and El Lissitzky: Foto-Auge (Photo-eye) Paul Stirton Jun 29th 2022
Hexenhaus (2021) – Review Paul Clarke Jun 27th 2022
Roland Simounet: De La Verité en Architecture Pierre Riboulet Jun 24th 2022
Workshop: On Siza’s March ’77 Sketchbook Manuel Montenegro Jun 22nd 2022
Interview with Space Magazine Matt Page and Semi Park Jun 20th 2022
The Ulysses Project: Architecture and the city through James Joyce’s Dublin: Part II Freddie Phillipson Jun 17th 2022
The Ulysses Project: Architecture and the city through James Joyce’s Dublin: Part I Freddie Phillipson Jun 16th 2022
Growing up Modern: Childhoods in Iconic Homes (2021) – Review Gillian Darley Jun 13th 2022
Benjamin Wistar Morris and a new Metropolitan Opera House Janet Parks Jun 10th 2022
The Ulysses Project: Architecture and the city through James Joyce’s Dublin: Introduction Freddie Phillipson Jun 8th 2022
The Anatomy of the Architectural Book: Magical Moves André Tavares Jun 6th 2022
Opportunism Richard Hall and Emma Rutherford Jun 2nd 2022
Les Fêtes de Nuit (1937) Robert Chenevier May 30th 2022
Walter Segal, Self-Built Architect (2021) – Review Jane Hall May 26th 2022
Clancy Moore: Less is more Chris Foges May 24th 2022
Hélène Binet: The Outsider Hélène Binet May 19th 2022
William Dickinson’s Pocketbook: Rethinking Drawing & practice in Early C18th England Elizabeth Deans May 18th 2022
Robert Adam: The Long Gallery at Syon Stephen Astley, Adriano Aymonino, Markus Lähteenmäki and Frances Sands May 13th 2022
Shatwell farm open day – 18 June 2022 May 11th 2022
Fernando Higueras: The Volcano, The Flower, and The Dromedary Guillermo S. Arsuaga May 9th 2022
CP138 Gordon Matta-Clark: Readings of the Archive (2020) – Review Penelope Curtis May 7th 2022
Reflections on The Drawing Matter Archive Roz Barr, Jonah Ginsburg, Benjamin Machin and Sandra Porter May 3rd 2022
Design Starts: Loughborough School of Architecture at Shatwell Farm Benjamin Machin May 3rd 2022
An Artist Browsing the Collection Sandra Porter May 3rd 2022
The Evolving Role of Drawing Nicholas Olsberg Apr 29th 2022
Reflections on my Internship Jonah Ginsburg Apr 27th 2022
Do You Remember How Perfect Everything Was? The Work of Zoe Zenghelis (2021) – Review Richard Hall Apr 26th 2022
Syon House and the Afterlife of Architectural Drawing Freddie Phillipson Apr 22nd 2022
‘For the curiosity of the article’: Excerpts from Architectural Drawing (1870) William Burges Apr 19th 2022
Adaptations: A Teaching Studio at Cornell Roz Barr Apr 19th 2022
The Ruined Temple and Oberrealta Chapel Zachary Torres Apr 14th 2022
Materia: Render Gordon Shrigley Apr 12th 2022
The Iterative Power of Architecture’s Absence Peter Sealy Apr 7th 2022
The Being of Drawing (2021) – Review Matt Page Apr 4th 2022
Drawing Out, Drawing In: Cartographies for ‘Out of the Sea’ Beth George Mar 24th 2022
In the Archive: Laugier, Eisen, Boulogne, Petitot, Percier, Dumont and Hadid Christiane Matt Mar 22nd 2022
Wood & Harrison: A Film About a City Paul Harrison and John Wood Mar 21st 2022
Inessential Colors: Architecture on Paper in Early Modern Europe (2021) – Review Anthony Vidler Mar 17th 2022
Entering the Imperial Palace Will Jennings Mar 16th 2022
Exhibition Design: Charging the Void Claire Oster Mar 9th 2022
Room at the Top?: Kate Macintosh, Denise Scott Brown and the kingmaker-critic Emily Dan Mar 7th 2022
Tom de Paor: ‘i see Earth’, Building and Ground 1991–2021 – Review Andrew Clancy Mar 4th 2022
Painting in Stone (2020) – Review Jonathan Foote Mar 1st 2022
The Extended Portal: Atcost Andrew Clancy Feb 28th 2022
What’s a Bludder Sketch? Declan Quirke Feb 28th 2022
Pan Scroll Zoom 20: 10PM in Inner Mongolia Mark Dorrian Feb 23rd 2022
The Edge of Architecture: Cornices in the Drawing Matter collection Editors Feb 21st 2022
The Cornice: The Edge of Architecture Maarten Delbeke Feb 21st 2022
Sigurd Lewerentz: Punctum. seeing the detail Mikael Bergquist Feb 14th 2022
Growth or Composition? Colin Rowe to Louis Kahn Michael Merrill Feb 10th 2022
Louis Kahn: The Importance of a Drawing (2021) – Review Stan Allen Feb 10th 2022
Charles Stanley Peach: Pioneer in Power Andrew Jones Feb 8th 2022
The Urban Fact: Aldo Rossi, Student Housing, Chieti Kersten Geers, Stefano Graziani and Jelena Pancevac Feb 7th 2022
Postmodern Australia: Robert Pearce’s Drawings for Edmond and Corrigan Yvette Putra Feb 1st 2022
The Measure of It: An Essay on Measured Drawings George Saumarez Smith Jan 31st 2022
Charles Jencks: Architect in the Jumping Universe Lily Jencks Jan 25th 2022
The Architectural Models of Theodore Conrad: The ‘miniature boom’ of mid-century modernism (2021) – Review Emma Letizia Jones Jan 25th 2022
Montage-Entourage; Or The Politics Of The Seam Michael Young Jan 24th 2022
Álvaro Siza: The Adoration of the magi António Choupina Jan 19th 2022
Pan Scoll Zoom 19: Pier Vittorio Aureli and Maria S. Giudici Pier Vittorio Aureli, Fabrizio Gallanti and Maria S. Giudici Jan 19th 2022
Decoding Wittgenstein’s Stonborough Villa Akira Koyama Jan 18th 2022
In the Archive: New and Found 2 Editors Jan 12th 2022
Infinite Patterns in I. M. Pei’s Furniture Diagrams Daniel Luis Martinez Jan 12th 2022
Essex Coastal Cornice: Ex-Mould Charles Holland Jan 11th 2022
David K. Ross: Archetypes (2021) – Review and Excerpt Helen Thomas Jan 11th 2022
Sir John Soane’s Involvement in House Flipping Frances Sands Jan 10th 2022
Between the Layers: Transparent Paper as a Modernist Architectural Design Environment Fabio Colonnese Jan 6th 2022
Working with Tony Fretton Jonathan Sergison Jan 4th 2022
The Rural Homes of Marcelo Ferraz and Francisco Fanucci Abilio Guerra Dec 13th 2021
Stories from Architecture: Behind the Lines at Drawing Matter Adrian Forty, Niall Hobhouse and Philippa Lewis Dec 13th 2021
The Temple of Flora, Stourhead: a paradise revisited Dudley Dodd Dec 9th 2021
In Defence of Metaphor Deanna Petherbridge Dec 9th 2021
Movements of the Drawing Hand Paul Clarke Dec 8th 2021
Analoge Architektur: Fire Station Project Daniel Studer Dec 8th 2021
Drawing Parallels: John Hejduk’s Wall House 1 Ray Lucas Dec 6th 2021
In the Archive: New and Found Editors Dec 1st 2021
The I’Ansons: A Dynasty of London Architects & Surveyors Peter Jefferson Smith Nov 30th 2021
El Croquis 208: DOGMA familiar/unfamiliar 2002–2021 (2021): Review Leonard Ma Nov 29th 2021
The Philips Pavilion: Models as Structural Expression Matthew Mindrup Nov 23rd 2021
Álvaro Siza: Seven Early Sketchbooks Niall Hobhouse, Manuel Montenegro and Álvaro Siza Nov 22nd 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 18: Wolff Architects Fabrizio Gallanti, Ilze Wolff and Heinrich Wolff Nov 17th 2021
The Urban Fact: Aldo Rossi, The School, Fagnano Olona Kersten Geers, Stefano Graziani and Jelena Pancevac Nov 16th 2021
A Short History of Alberto Ponis on the Sardinian Coast Sebastiano Brandolini Nov 15th 2021
Sigurd Lewerentz: Architect of Death and Life (2021): Review and Excerpts Caroline Voet Nov 15th 2021
The Pursuit of Gothic Rosemary Hill Nov 10th 2021
Architectonic Landscapes Deanna Petherbridge Nov 9th 2021
Frank Lloyd Wright, House for Edith Carlson, 1939, Part II Philippa Lewis Nov 7th 2021
Writing Prize 2021: Itsuko Hasegawa, Capturing an Infinite Distance Ahmed Belkhodja Nov 4th 2021
Drawing Powers: Introduction Fernando Poeiras Nov 2nd 2021
Drawing Powers 2: the object in the drawing Fernando Poeiras Nov 2nd 2021
Drawing Powers 3: the drawing in the object Fernando Poeiras Nov 2nd 2021
Drawing Powers 4: the drawing-object Fernando Poeiras Nov 2nd 2021
Drawing Powers: conclusions Fernando Poeiras Nov 2nd 2021
The Italian Job: Anthony Salvin, Sir John Benson and the Royal Cork Yacht Club, Cóbh Tom Spalding Oct 27th 2021
Alberto Ponis on Casa Scalesciani Alberto Ponis Oct 27th 2021
Hélène Binet: The Intimacy of Making, Three Historical Sites in Korea (2021): Review Helen Thomas Oct 25th 2021
Frank Lloyd Wright, House for Edith Carlson, 1939, Part I Philippa Lewis Oct 21st 2021
Álvaro Siza: Fast and Slow Lines Lok-Kan Chau Oct 20th 2021
Writing Prize 2021: Savinien Petit’s Chapelle a deux salles avec luminaire Raphael Haque Oct 18th 2021
The Hidden Horizontal. Cornices in Art and Architecture: Exhibition Review Cammy Brothers Oct 18th 2021
The Metropolitan Opera House, NYC: Invisible guests Kyna Leski Oct 15th 2021
Lines, Drawings, the Human Condition Tim Ingold, Momoyo Kaijima, Andreas Kalpakci and Anh-linh Ngo Oct 13th 2021
Doodles: Stirling Wilford and Associates, 1984–2000 Marco Iuliano Oct 12th 2021
Henri Guerbois: Department Store in King Street, 1921 Philippa Lewis Oct 5th 2021
Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred Forty-Two KM of Continuum Farnoosh Farmer Oct 4th 2021
Porto School, B Side: Insurrectional Organization of Space Pedro Bandeira Sep 29th 2021
The Order of Terror Deanna Petherbridge Sep 28th 2021
Christoph Schlingensiefs Operndorf Afrika (2020): Review Erandi de Silva Sep 27th 2021
R for Representation Ralf Liptau Sep 27th 2021
Writing Prize 2021: Reading Material Rebecca Disney Sep 23rd 2021
Writing Prize 2021: Live My Drawings Ying Xuan Chian Sep 23rd 2021
Survey: Le Corbusier, Roland Garros stadium Matthew Wells Sep 21st 2021
Clancy Moore Architects: Atcost Andrew Clancy and Colm Moore Sep 20th 2021
PC Harry Woodley: Plans of No 131 Cornwall Street, 1902 Philippa Lewis Sep 17th 2021
An Overwhelming Concern with Shelter! (1966) Gustav Metzger Sep 16th 2021
Disney: The Architecture of Staged Realities Saskia van Stein Sep 10th 2021
John Nash: Designs for Langham House, ca. 1812–1816 Philippa Lewis Sep 6th 2021
Capitol or Capital? Martin Pawley Sep 2nd 2021
Notations (2016): Review & Excerpt Richard Hall Sep 2nd 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 17: Monadnock Job Floris and Fabrizio Gallanti Sep 1st 2021
Cosmos Street Revisited Peter Wilson Aug 31st 2021
The Silo at 40Hz Joe Banks and Jonah Ginsburg Aug 27th 2021
Survey: John Goldicutt, Temple of Vespasian Matthew Wells Aug 25th 2021
Unpeopled Places Deanna Petherbridge Aug 23rd 2021
Piranesi Unbound (2020): Review Nicholas Savage Aug 19th 2021
Survey: Piazza Grande, Gubbio, Perugia Biba Dow Aug 18th 2021
Craving Primal Architecture Rory Chisholm Aug 17th 2021
Superstudio: Finding the Horizon Gian Piero Frassinelli Aug 12th 2021
Where to Begin? – Juhani Pallasmaa Juhani Pallasmaa Aug 12th 2021
Besides, History (2018): Book Review Stan Allen Aug 9th 2021
The H-plan: Breuer, Stirling, Gowan Anthony Vidler Aug 5th 2021
Galleries in the Valley Abigail Calva, Basil Harb, Erin Huang, Claire Oster and Sarah Tien Aug 4th 2021
Sketches from Algiers Adam Voelcker Aug 2nd 2021
Building the Gowan Shed Jonah Ginsburg Jul 30th 2021
Steeling Stirling & Gowan’s Isle of Wight House Neil Jackson Jul 28th 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 16: Luis Callejas Luis Callejas Jul 28th 2021
Insignificance 4: Self-reflexive Gordon Shrigley Jul 26th 2021
Cassius Goldsmith’s Grey Weather Gate House Marie-Henriette Desmoures Jul 25th 2021
Stirling & Gowan: The Isle of Wight House James Gowan, J. M. Richards, Laurent Stalder, James Stirling and Ellis Woodman Jul 21st 2021
Postcards: The Nature of images Luca Galofaro Jul 21st 2021
The James Clarke Remake Oscar Binder and Nikolaus Podlaha Jul 20th 2021
Drawing the Brunswick Centre Birkin Haward Jul 19th 2021
Leicester Engineering Building: Completed! James Gowan Jul 14th 2021
Forced Migrations, Barriers and Vanishing Asylums Deanna Petherbridge Jul 13th 2021
On Pristine Boxes and Primeval Huts Frank Bauer Jul 13th 2021
36 Elevations Calum Storrie Jul 12th 2021
Leicester Engineering Building: Under Construction James Gowan Jul 8th 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 15: Other Architects Fabrizio Gallanti, Grace Mortlock and David Neustein Jul 7th 2021
Luc Deleu & T.O.P. OFFICE: Future Plans, 1970–2020 (2021) – Review Victoria Easton Jul 7th 2021
Shatwell Farm: A Step Up John Glew Jul 6th 2021
Letter to the Editors: What I see in drawings today… Andrea Leonardi Jul 5th 2021
Disinformation: Closed Circuit Joe Banks Jun 30th 2021
The Cottage at Bromley Tim Anstey and Mari Lending Jun 28th 2021
Florian Beigel & Aru’s Pojagi House: Searching for the Essential Louis Mayes Jun 28th 2021
Keeping a Notebook Simon Unwin Jun 24th 2021
From Diderot to Tokyo: Mechanical, Subjective and Digital Time Peter Wilson Jun 23rd 2021
Folding Landscapes: The Maps of Tim Robinson Declan Quirke Jun 23rd 2021
Architectural Drawing (1983) George Collins Jun 22nd 2021
26 Kingly Street Co-Op Editors Jun 21st 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 14: Alfredo Thiermann Alfredo Thiermann Jun 16th 2021
The Language of Architecture: Peter Märkli’s system of proportion Stacey Lewis Jun 15th 2021
Notes on Twelve drawings for the Governor’s Palace at Chandigarh José Oubrerie Jun 15th 2021
Jesús Vassallo’s Epics in the Everyday (2019): Review & Excerpt Helen Thomas Jun 14th 2021
Stephen Taylor: Haybarn Brendan Woods Jun 14th 2021
Drawing on History: Mirages, Interventions and Contestations Deanna Petherbridge Jun 10th 2021
The Over Under: Drawing as process Peter William Rae Jun 10th 2021
Insignificance 3: Mourning Work Gordon Shrigley Jun 9th 2021
The Future City Paul Maher Jun 9th 2021
Notes on The Palace of the Assembly and Museum at Chandigarh José Oubrerie Jun 7th 2021
Cartographies of the Imagination Kirsty Badenoch and Sayan Skandarajah Jun 4th 2021
This Blue Love: Aldo Rossi in Samos in late Summer 1989 Vincenzo Moschetti Jun 2nd 2021
An Everyday Detail Priit Jürimäe Jun 2nd 2021
Peekaboo! Stanford White and the Mystery Lantern for Madison Square Presbyterian Church H. Horatio Joyce Jun 1st 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 13: Tatiana Bilbao Tatiana Bilbao and Fabrizio Gallanti Jun 1st 2021
Hans Poelzig: Decorating the Empty Centre Hana Nihill Jun 1st 2021
I Cut Mount Fuji Every Day Marie-Henriette Desmoures May 31st 2021
BOLLES+WILSON: Sketching-Over Albania Peter Wilson May 27th 2021
Le Palais de Darius a Persepolis Charlotte Hart May 27th 2021
68½ degrees, Sverre Fehn and the Nordic Pavilion: Review & Excerpt Niall Hobhouse May 26th 2021
biq: Revealing Construction Neil Middleton May 26th 2021
Superstudio & Piranesi: Zeno is Immortal Olivier Bellflamme May 24th 2021
Insignificance 2: Distinction – Polysemy Gordon Shrigley May 19th 2021
Evocation of Solemnity: Temple of Minerva Rodrigo Dominguez May 19th 2021
Notes on the 2020 Summer School: Encounters in landscape Marwa El Mubark May 18th 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 12: Elizabeth Hatz Elizabeth Hatz May 18th 2021
To assist Ruben Casqero May 18th 2021
Fernand Pouillon’s Survey of the Abbey of Le Thoronet Oscar Mather May 17th 2021
Keshi Ghat Amrutha Viswanath May 13th 2021
Hans Hollein’s Immunological City Dhruv Mehta May 12th 2021
Bovenbouw Architectuur: One Paper Model and Three Paper Collages Ciaran Scannell May 12th 2021
Eric Gill On Designing War Graves (1919) Eric Gill May 11th 2021
Medieval Masons and tracing-floors Jennifer Smith May 10th 2021
The Intention of Suspension: Peter Wilson’s Clandeboye Fish Gabrielle Eglen May 10th 2021
fala atelier: Seriously Playful Jack Huang May 6th 2021
Diagrams: Hans van der Heijden in Conversation with Richard Hall Richard Hall May 5th 2021
The Zilsel Thesis: A Review of Strata: William Smith’s Geological Maps (2020): Review Stan Allen May 4th 2021
Insignificance 1: Discipline Gordon Shrigley May 4th 2021
Notes on Architectural Education and Drawing Rafael Sousa Santos May 3rd 2021
Bulgakov’s ‘Golden City’ (1923) Cyril Babeev May 3rd 2021
Crossing the Abyss Deanna Petherbridge May 1st 2021
14 Wine Street, Bristol Lee Marable Apr 29th 2021
The Beaux-Arts Tradition Basile Baudez and Maureen Cassidy-Geiger Apr 29th 2021
Nobuo Sekine: Phase of Nothingness Editors Apr 27th 2021
Order and Uncertainty in Architectural Drawing Luke Tipene Apr 26th 2021
Leicester Engineering building: Two Architects (1964) Ellis Woodman Apr 26th 2021
Open Wide / Wide Open Angharad Davies Apr 22nd 2021
Peter Märkli: My Facade Material Editors Apr 21st 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 11: Architecten Jan De Vylder Inge Vinck Fabrizio Gallanti, Inge Vinck and Jan De Vylder Apr 19th 2021
Physical & Digital Drawing Reuben Roberts Apr 19th 2021
Sébastien Marot’s Taking The Country’s Side (2019): Review & Excerpt Adam Caruso Apr 19th 2021
The Vitruvian Man: with Fresh Eyes Niamh Murphy Apr 14th 2021
The Architecture of Nothingness: Analysing Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple Frank Lyons Apr 12th 2021
Shaping Landscape: Schinkel and Erratics Tom Cookson Apr 12th 2021
Place and Displacement: Rubbings from Architecture Sam van Strien Apr 12th 2021
Balzac architecte (1856) Leon Gozlan Apr 9th 2021
Nancy Holt: Sky Mound Holt/Smithson Foundation Apr 8th 2021
Hans Hollein: From a Distance Robert Crawford Apr 7th 2021
Adam Bede’s ‘Discourse on Building’ (1859) George Eliot Apr 6th 2021
Remembering a House in an Indiana Cornfield Larry Richards Mar 31st 2021
Flores & Prats Sala Beckett International Drama Centre (2020): REVIEW & EXCERPTS Helen Thomas Mar 30th 2021
Casino Royale: Stynen’s unrealised sculpture garden Emerald Liu Mar 30th 2021
André Arbus: Details Matter Anna Healy Mar 29th 2021
Ritual and Repitition at San Cataldo Cemetery Marwa El Mubark Mar 29th 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 10: Studio Othenin-Girard Guillaume Othenin-Girard Mar 29th 2021
Working with Gowan: Housing at East Hanningfield Paul Notley Mar 26th 2021
Studio Mumbai’s Tape Drawing Irfan Safdag Mar 25th 2021
Derrida & Eisenman: Laugh(ing) of(f) the lyre André Patrão Mar 22nd 2021
Marie-José Van Hee: Seeing not Showing Tessa Baird Mar 22nd 2021
Cedric Price: Urban Spaceman Ana Bonet Miró Mar 22nd 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 9: The Screen ClassRooms Anuj Daga Mar 19th 2021
Haunted: Robert Smithson’s ‘My House is a Decayed House’ Suzaan Boettger Mar 18th 2021
The Floor Plan of a Room Thomas Hutton Mar 17th 2021
Building Desire: On the Barcelona Pavilion (2005) George Dodds Mar 16th 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 8: Patrick Lynch Patrick Lynch Mar 16th 2021
Excerpt: Shadow Places Simon Unwin Mar 15th 2021
Hans Poelzig: Der Golem Robert Wightman Mar 11th 2021
Lauretta Vinciarelli: Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous Grids Rebecca Siefert Mar 11th 2021
The MARS Group’s Plan for London, 1933-1944 Mirjam Kupferschmid Mar 8th 2021
Glasgow School of Art: The Measure of Things Paul Clarke Mar 8th 2021
Stanley Peach: Church Plan based on the Figure of Christ Mireya Fabregas Mar 8th 2021
Make me Hyper-Real: image ethics and the architectural visualisation Daniel Innes Mar 5th 2021
Tradition and Modernity, Continuity and Critique Rebecca Siefert Mar 4th 2021
Cedric Price: Westal Market Stall Prototypes Editors Mar 1st 2021
The Perpetual Race of Piranesi and the Tortoise Marc McGowan Mar 1st 2021
Architecture’s Mirror Stage Michael Abrahamson Feb 26th 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 7: MOS Fabrizio Gallanti, Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample Feb 25th 2021
Stan Allen’s Situated Objects (2020): Review & Excerpt Niall Hobhouse Feb 24th 2021
Re-presenting the Rococo David Valinsky Feb 24th 2021
Take One: Architects on Drawing Editors Feb 23rd 2021
In search of an honest map Nicholas Herrmann Feb 22nd 2021
Walter Pichler: Mystery and Mysticism Harvey Herman Feb 19th 2021
Superstudio: Another Mirror Image Ludwig Engel Feb 17th 2021
Singing Songs of Piccadilly: Review Editors Feb 16th 2021
Signature André Patrão Feb 15th 2021
Mother of all drawings Deepiga Kameswaran Feb 15th 2021
The Problem with Rainbows Adolfo Natalini Feb 12th 2021
Charlotte Skene Catling: The Dairy House Françoise Astorg Bollack Feb 11th 2021
Sir John Soane’s Museum: Bound Legacy Alexandra Politis Feb 9th 2021
The Architect and the Matador Thomas Gould Feb 8th 2021
On Tony Fretton and the Lisson Gallery Nicholas Logsdail Feb 5th 2021
Louis Kahn: In Praise of shadows Emerald Liu Feb 3rd 2021
Drawing the Curtain: Entangling rendering and theatrical space Thomas Hutton Feb 2nd 2021
Carlos Diniz and the World Trade Center Sam van Strien Feb 1st 2021
Drawing Sacred Forests and Courtyards in South Benin Quentin Nicolaï Jan 29th 2021
Hello Iwona Hamish Lonergan Jan 27th 2021
Elliott Glushak vs. The City of New York Philippa Lewis Jan 27th 2021
The House and the Sketch Bijan Thornycroft Jan 25th 2021
Two Early Paintings with OMA Zoe Zenghelis Jan 25th 2021
Viollet-le-Duc: Ruins in Reverse Thomas Gould Jan 22nd 2021
Zahalternative Histories: O’Donnell + Tuomey on Zaha Hadid John Tuomey Jan 19th 2021
Aldo Rossi: Divination of a Drawing Chloe Spiby Loh Jan 18th 2021
Pan Scroll Zoom 6: Emily Wettstein Fabrizio Gallanti and Emily Wettstein Jan 18th 2021
Pier Vittorio Aureli’s Architecture of Abstraction Nicholas Andrew Pacula Jan 15th 2021
Architecture at the Edge Craig Moller and Marco Moro Jan 13th 2021
The Discreet Charm of the Bureaucratic Michael Abrahamson Jan 13th 2021
Thomas Chippendale and Ornament Tom Cookson Jan 13th 2021
The Meaning of Lines Laura Bonell and Daniel López-Dòriga Jan 11th 2021
The Fun Palace: Light Adaptation Chase Galis Jan 8th 2021
The Values of Profiles (1951) Luigi Moretti Jan 8th 2021
Writing Prize 2020: Architectural Apparitions Anahat Chandra Jan 7th 2021
Malagueira: Conflict Resolution (1983) Álvaro Siza Jan 4th 2021
Christmas Reading List 2020 Editors Dec 22nd 2020
Shower at Shatwell Farm Adam Blencowe Dec 21st 2020
Anna Atkins: Laying Out the Blueprints Nicholas Herrmann Dec 21st 2020
Startha Éagsula: GKMP architects on Charles Moore GKMP architects Dec 17th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Pens down, Braid up Cassandra Adjei Dec 17th 2020
Soane’s Temple Stye Rosie Ellison-Balaam Dec 16th 2020
Pan Scroll Zoom 5: Andrés Jaque Fabrizio Gallanti and Andrés Jaque Dec 16th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: The Anatomy of an Oyster Theatre Emilie Banville Dec 14th 2020
Startha Éagsula: O’Donnell + Tuomey on Zaha Hadid Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey Dec 11th 2020
Drawing, Collaging, Rendering Cameron Lintott Dec 9th 2020
Vitruvius: Follow the Footprints Paul Emmons Dec 7th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Domestic Space, Registered Laura Bonell and Daniel López-Dòriga Dec 5th 2020
Startha Éagsula: t o b Architect on James Gowan Thomas O’Brien Dec 3rd 2020
Collection of Sections Allen Keith Yee Dec 2nd 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Smudgy Logic – A Short Story Aris Kafantaris Nov 30th 2020
On a handrail Jon Lopez Nov 30th 2020
Startha Éagsula: Paul Dillon Architects on Florian Beigel and Philip Christou Paul Dillon Nov 26th 2020
William Heath Robinson ‘Tightening the Green Belt’ Laura Freeman Nov 26th 2020
Aldo Rossi: the First Sketch and the Final Drawing Andrea Leonardi Nov 25th 2020
Drawing is discovery (1953) John Berger Nov 24th 2020
Outside In Emily Priest Nov 23rd 2020
Startha Éagsula: David Leech Architects on Barthélemy Enfantin David Leech Nov 19th 2020
Pan Scroll Zoom 4: Pezo von Ellrichshausen Sofia von Ellrichshausen, Fabrizio Gallanti and Mauricio Pezo Nov 18th 2020
Sigurd Lewerentz: Siting the Axonometric Stan Allen Nov 17th 2020
Bramante: Five Dots Guido Beltramini Nov 16th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Appropriation and Drawing Marko Skoblar Nov 13th 2020
Startha Éagsula: Steve Larkin Architects on Walter Pichler Steve Larkin Nov 12th 2020
Paolo Portoghesi: the Field Theory Marco Vanucci Nov 9th 2020
All back to front: D’Aviler’s Cours D’Architecture Richard Emerson Nov 9th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: To Measure a Croissant Emily Priest Nov 9th 2020
Tree Speech Sylvia Lavin Nov 7th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Hugh Casson’s ‘Diary’ Laura Freeman Nov 6th 2020
Startha Éagsula: Níall McLaughlin Architects on Basil Spence Níall McLaughlin Nov 4th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Held Fast: SITE’s Ghost Parking Lot Anna Renken Nov 3rd 2020
Trees Push Back Sylvia Lavin Nov 3rd 2020
Writing Prize 2020: The Best Future Cameron Lintott Nov 2nd 2020
Startha Éagsula: Elizabeth Hatz on Frank Lloyd Wright Elizabeth Hatz Oct 29th 2020
Echo: SuperStudio & Hans Hollein Matt Page Oct 28th 2020
Tony Fretton: Tolerance Richard Hall Oct 27th 2020
A New Administration Center For Los Angeles (1936) William Hamilton Oct 27th 2020
Trees Move In Sylvia Lavin Oct 22nd 2020
Qamutit Home Konstantin Ikonomidis Oct 22nd 2020
Startha Éagsula: Grafton Architects on Paulo Mendes da Rocha Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara Oct 20th 2020
Palladio’s Lines Sezin Sarıca Oct 15th 2020
Raymond Erith On Soane at Tendring Hall Pierre du Prey Oct 13th 2020
S.A.U.L. 4th Year: De Rerum Natura / In the Manner Of Gerard Carty, Elizabeth Hatz and Fionn O'Leary Oct 13th 2020
The Empire State Building: Elevators (1931) Bassett Jones Oct 13th 2020
Trees Make A Plan Sylvia Lavin Oct 7th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Figures of War Francesco Marullo Sep 29th 2020
Pan Scroll Zoom 3: Andrew Clancy Andrew Clancy Sep 28th 2020
Writing Prize 2020: Drawing People Daniel Innes Sep 23rd 2020
Superstudio: Monument Interrupted Julian Lewis Aug 31st 2020
Paul László: Hertz Fallout Shelter Christine Bolli Aug 31st 2020
Soane’s Designs for Combe House, Continued Pierre du Prey Jul 30th 2020
Pan Scroll Zoom 1: Fabrizio Gallanti Fabrizio Gallanti Jul 30th 2020
Just Begin: The Convent Sainte-Marie-de-la-Tourette Stan Allen and José Oubrerie Jul 28th 2020
The wobbly line: Asplund, Johansson and the influence of Tessenow in Sweden 1915–1925 Jan Rydén Jul 27th 2020
Dating Siza: The Malagueira ‘Cupula’ Manuel Montenegro Jul 23rd 2020
OMA in Scheveningen Willem Jan Neutelings Jul 22nd 2020
A Glasgow Effect Paul Stallan Jul 17th 2020
Venice Biennale (1985) Dario Passi Jul 14th 2020
Siza at sixteen Manuel Montenegro and Álvaro Siza Jul 10th 2020
The Birds’ Morning Hymn (1929) Robert Lorimer Jul 10th 2020
Notes on Port Royal, Jamaica Paul Cox Jul 7th 2020
The Conservative (1941) Graham Greene Jul 6th 2020
Fresh and Surprised Julian Lewis Jul 2nd 2020
Library of Babel James White Jun 29th 2020
The Real and Imagined Worlds of Álvaro Siza Bruno Silvestre Jun 26th 2020
Mies: The Berlin Building Expostition (1974) Philip Johnson Jun 25th 2020
Soane: Energy and Frustration Ptolemy Dean Jun 24th 2020
The Story of the Pool (1978) Rem Koolhaas Jun 19th 2020
James Gowan: The Sheet for the Job Jantje Engels Jun 17th 2020
Staging Brancusi Sarah Handelman and Asli Çiçek Jun 15th 2020
Stirling at Stuttgart: Rear View / Up Views John Tuomey Jun 15th 2020
Mies: The Horizon Robin Evans Jun 14th 2020
Thomas Henry Wyatt’s Brook House Andrew Jones Jun 12th 2020
Ove Arup: Engineering the World Hugh Pearman Jun 12th 2020
Álvaro Siza: Drawn Closer Álvaro Siza Jun 11th 2020
SUPA Architects: Naked Plans Christian Schweitzer and Ryul Song Jun 6th 2020
A Smoky Monument / Saunamonumentti Tuomas Toivonen Jun 5th 2020
Welfare Palace Hotel (1978) Rem Koolhaas Jun 4th 2020
Instead of an Article (1958) Alvar Aalto Jun 3rd 2020
W. E. B. Du Bois’ visionary infographics Sarah Handelman Jun 2nd 2020
Michael Graves’ Rooftop Village (1985) David L. Gilbert Jun 1st 2020
Working with Asplund Herbert Korn May 29th 2020
Architectural Typefaces Adrien Vasquez May 29th 2020
Jaume Mayol / TEd’A Arquitectes: Drawn Closer Sarah Handelman and Jaume Mayol May 28th 2020
New Welfare Island (1978) Rem Koolhaas May 27th 2020
Gallaratese & Fagnano Olona (1976) Aldo Rossi May 26th 2020
Eisenman: House VI (1985) Kathleen Enz Finken May 21st 2020
On William Kent (1771) Horace Walpole May 19th 2020
Calculated Aesthetics Asli Çiçek May 19th 2020
Ink on his Hands: Montano’s Visceral Roman Architectures Dijana O. Apostolski May 18th 2020
Hotel Sphinx (1978) Rem Koolhaas May 18th 2020
L’Invasion de la Viande (1980) Elie Delamare-Debouteville May 14th 2020
Paul Robbrecht: Drawn Closer Paul Robbrecht May 12th 2020
Wright & Lautner: The Divorce Nicholas Olsberg May 12th 2020
The Decline of Architectural Drawing (1859) C. H. Smith May 11th 2020
On plans John Meunier May 10th 2020
O’Donnell + Tuomey in Conversation Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey May 8th 2020
Animals James Gowan and Ellis Woodman May 5th 2020
The Ultimate Climes of John Lautner (1986) Esther McCoy May 4th 2020
Drawing on the Nolli Plan Sheila O'Donnell May 1st 2020
Louis Kahn: Notes on a Scrap of Paper Brian Carter Apr 30th 2020
Scanning Shatwell Lucas Wilson Apr 30th 2020
Grounded: Plans & Planning Richard Hall and Niall Hobhouse Apr 29th 2020
Plan with the form of a growling dog Tony Fretton Apr 29th 2020
Shape Charles Moore Apr 28th 2020
Cadbury-Brown: Royal College of Art Extension Lionel Brett Apr 28th 2020
Haiku John Cage Apr 28th 2020
Space Charles Moore Apr 27th 2020
BV Doshi: Drawn Closer Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi and Sarah Handelman Apr 23rd 2020
One Thing Leads to Another Richard Hall Apr 23rd 2020
Daria’s Aria Sarah Handelman Apr 23rd 2020
Ruskin: Fairy Tales John Ruskin Apr 22nd 2020
Allies & Morrison: The Art of Architecture Gabor Gallov Apr 18th 2020
Charles Barry: Good and Bad Manners in Architecture David Blissett Apr 17th 2020
The San Cataldo Ossuary in the Age of Hyper-Objects Stefano Corbo Apr 16th 2020
Language & the Doorn Manifesto Peter Smithson Apr 14th 2020
The Garden of Earthly Delights Hamed Khosravi Apr 9th 2020
Postcard from Nowhere (Counterswimming) Teresa Stoppani Apr 8th 2020
Yasmeen Lari: Drawn Closer Helen Thomas Apr 7th 2020
Where Words Fail Cyril Babeev and Matt Page Apr 6th 2020
Drawing Culture at SOM New York Tom Killian Apr 3rd 2020
Web of Intrigue Michael Webb Apr 3rd 2020
Gowan on the English House James Gowan Apr 1st 2020
Houses of Work and Play Patrick Lynch Mar 30th 2020
Retail Therapy A. Trystan Edwards Mar 30th 2020
Take One: Henry ‘Jim’ Cadbury-Brown and Richard Wentworth on the Royal College of Art Mar 27th 2020
Peter Blake & Adolfo Natalini: From Mies to Mickey Mouse Peter Blake Mar 25th 2020
Behind the Walls Matt Page Mar 23rd 2020
‘I chose a distant meadow’: The House that Neutra Built Stephen Bayley Mar 20th 2020
Aalto on Asplund: Stockholm Exhibition (1930) Alvar Aalto Mar 9th 2020
Take One: James Gowan and Sandra Lousada on the Leicester Engineering Building Mar 6th 2020
Colin Rowe: Piazza Augusto Imperatore (1995) Colin Rowe Mar 5th 2020
Summerson: The Little House John Summerson Mar 4th 2020
Biba Dow on Giorgio Morandi: Group and Threshold Biba Dow Mar 3rd 2020
Seeing, and Disbelieving Niall Hobhouse Mar 2nd 2020
In the Archive: OMA, Neutelings, Hejduk, Gowan Richard Hall and Emma Rutherford Mar 1st 2020
Ronchamp: ‘Rough to the Touch’ Robin Evans Feb 28th 2020
Leto Litho Leningrad William Firebrace Feb 20th 2020
Buckminster Fuller: Geodesic Chandelier Feb 19th 2020
The Iconography of Desolation Robert Smithson Feb 17th 2020
In the Archive: Edouard Cabay Edouard Cabay Feb 16th 2020
Next Year in Yemen Thomas Padmanabhan Feb 9th 2020
Take One: Colin St John Wilson, MJ Long and Eric Parry on the British Library Editors Feb 7th 2020
Tony Fretton: Drawn Closer Tony Fretton and Sarah Handelman Feb 6th 2020
La Casa Della Falsita Peter Wilson Feb 5th 2020
Behind the Lines 14 Philippa Lewis Feb 3rd 2020
Basil Spence: Houses of Parliament Jan 29th 2020
Battersea Redevelopment Jan 22nd 2020
A Chevrolet Truck Stephen Bayley Jan 20th 2020
Spaghetti with Meatballs Andreas von Foerster Jan 20th 2020
Origins in Translation Mari Lending Jan 20th 2020
Watkin on Milizia: Frontispiece to The Lives of the Celebrated Architects, Ancient and Modern David Watkin Jan 17th 2020
Espelho Álvaro Mário Botta Jan 15th 2020
One Small Sketch for Mankind Stephen Bayley Jan 13th 2020
ETH Zurich: Casting the Cornice in Ticino Emma Letizia Jones and Erik Wegerhoff Jan 8th 2020
Marie-José Van Hee: Drawn Closer Marie-José Van Hee Jan 2nd 2020
Imaginal Cloud Spaces Sayan Skandarajah Dec 31st 2019
Other Lives: Charles Eisen and Laugier’s Essai sur l’Architecture Rebecca Williamson Dec 26th 2019
A Dose of Dosio Laura Harty Dec 24th 2019
Surface-oriented Rosa Nussbaum Dec 18th 2019
From a little below and to the right Niall Hobhouse Dec 17th 2019
Six Architects on their Dream Desks Roz Barr, Biba Dow, Elizabeth Hatz, Emma Letizia Jones, Stephanie Macdonald and Helen Thomas Dec 17th 2019
Aldo & Adolf Aldo Rossi Dec 13th 2019
Leonhard Lapin: Objects on the Beach Andres Kurg Dec 13th 2019
James Gowan Millbank: Sketches and Comments Matt Page Dec 9th 2019
Adolphe Appia: ‘Luminous – Very Luminous’ Ross Anderson Nov 27th 2019
Liquid Paper Mark Dorrian Nov 15th 2019
Henry van de Velde and a monument to Nietzsche Richard Hollis Nov 13th 2019
Ernest Gimson: Against Hotch-Potch Annette Carruthers, Mary Greensted and Barley Roscoe Nov 11th 2019
The Difficulty of Designing Furniture Álvaro Siza Nov 7th 2019
Giò Ponti: Plan chest designs, c.1955 Nov 7th 2019
Francesco Milizia on Maderno, Posi and Jonson Francesco Milizia Nov 7th 2019
Fontaine: Hide-and-Seek Iris Moon Nov 1st 2019
What Lies Beneath Sarah Handelman Oct 31st 2019
The Office Copier and Baptism by Colour: Working for Rossi in the 1990s Maurizio Diton Oct 25th 2019
Tales from the crypt Stephen Bayley Oct 18th 2019
Behind the Lines 13 Philippa Lewis Oct 10th 2019
Geoffrey Goes to Basildon Gillian Darley Oct 10th 2019
Gio Ponti: un disegno è un idea Niall Hobhouse Oct 7th 2019
Cedric Price: The Evolving Image Oct 3rd 2019
Behind the Lines 12 Philippa Lewis Sep 23rd 2019
John Hejduk’s Axonometric Degree Zero Stan Allen Sep 23rd 2019
Josef Frank: Happy Accidentism Mikael Bergquist Sep 21st 2019
Harvey Wiley Corbett on Architectural Models of Cardboard Sep 19th 2019
Living in Colour Alberto Ponis Sep 17th 2019
Gio Ponti: ‘Come for Porchetta’ Niall Hobhouse Aug 23rd 2019
Le Corbusier and the Poetry of Objects Danièle Pauly Aug 22nd 2019
Dom Hans van der Laan: Drawing the Scottish Tartan Caroline Voet Aug 19th 2019
Behind the Lines 11 Philippa Lewis Aug 12th 2019
Alternative Histories: Hild und K Architekten on James Gowan Aug 10th 2019
Learning from the tortoise William Firebrace Aug 9th 2019
The Matter of Drawing Freddie Phillipson Aug 3rd 2019
Alternative Histories: Knapkiewicz & Fickert on Charles Barry Axel Fickert and Kaschka Knapkiewicz Jul 31st 2019
Alternative Histories: Professur Lehnerer ETH & Klara Bindl On SUperstudio Jul 31st 2019
Alternative Histories: Raamwerk on Tony Fretton Jul 31st 2019
Alternative Histories: Sam Jacob Studio on Archizoom Jul 31st 2019
Alternative Histories: Veldwerk Architecten on Gabriel Pierre Martin Dumont Jul 31st 2019
Alternative Histories: Nikolaus Bienefeld on James Gowan Jul 30th 2019
Alternative Histories: NoAarchitecten on Álvaro Siza Jul 30th 2019
Alternative Histories: Noreile Breen on Louis Kahn Jul 30th 2019
Alternative Histories: Oda Pälmke Architektin on Archizoom Jul 30th 2019
Alternative Histories: muf architecture/art on John Hejduk Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Monadnock on James Stirling Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin Architekten on Alvar Aalto Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Dierendonckblancke Architecten on Jean and HENRI Prouvé Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: AMUNT on Adolf Loos Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Loeliger Strub Architektur on Emil Hoppe Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk on Edward Blore Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: ECTV on Tony Fretton Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter on Peter Märkli Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: David Kohn Architects on John Hejduk Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Eagles of Architecture on Adolfo Natalini Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: Dyvik Kahlen Architects on Tony Fretton Jul 29th 2019
Alternative Histories: OMMX on Adolfo Natalini Jul 27th 2019
Grandorge’s Pavilion David Grandorge Jul 21st 2019
Alternative Histories: Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven Architecten on Ernest Born Jul 15th 2019
Alternative Histories: ONO Architectuur on James Gowan Jul 15th 2019
Alternative Histories: Murmuur Architecten on Álvaro Siza Jul 8th 2019
Alternative Histories: EM2N on Alexander Brodsky Jul 8th 2019
Alternative Histories: 2A+P/A on Aldo Rossi Jul 8th 2019
Alternative Histories: Charles Holland Architects on John Lautner Jul 8th 2019
Domestication and the Permutation of Interruption Dara Birnbaum Jul 2nd 2019
Alternative Histories: Stephen Taylor Architects on Robbrecht and Daem Jul 1st 2019
Lauretta Vinciarelli’s West Texas Types Caitlin Murray Jun 26th 2019
Alternative Histories: Rural Urban Framework on Joseph Scholz Jun 24th 2019
Halsey Ricardo Nicholas Olsberg Jun 22nd 2019
Behind the Lines 10 Philippa Lewis Jun 19th 2019
On Cornices, Part I Emma Letizia Jones Jun 17th 2019
Alternative Histories: Multerer Architekten on Louis Kahn Jun 14th 2019
Alternative Histories: fala atelier on Louis Kahn Jun 14th 2019
Ugliness and Judgment Timothy Hyde Apr 19th 2019
Alternative Histories: Havana architectuur on Michael Webb Apr 18th 2019
Alternative Histories: BeL on Walter Pichler Apr 15th 2019
Alternative Histories: Smith and Taylor Architects on Erik Gunnar Asplund Apr 10th 2019
Informal Housing in Fars (Iran) and Kuwait, 1974 Eric Parry Apr 5th 2019
Zaha and Aldo Self reflections Mar 23rd 2019
Alternative Histories: Point Supreme Architects on Adolfo Natalini Mar 21st 2019
Mystery as Ground Andrew Clancy Mar 21st 2019
Alternative Histories: General Architecture on Emil Hoppe Mar 21st 2019
Alternative Histories: Traumnovelle on Michael Gold Mar 21st 2019
Alternative Histories: Philip Christou on Le Corbusier Mar 21st 2019
Alternative Histories: Flores i Prats Architects on Alberto Ponis Mar 20th 2019
Alternative Histories: Dow Jones Architects on Robbrecht en Daem Mar 15th 2019
Alternative Histories: Bernd Schmutz on Jules Hardouin-Mansart Mar 14th 2019
Drawing with Rafael Moneo, Madrid 1984 Stan Allen Mar 14th 2019
Alternative Histories: Doorzon Interieurarchitecten on Stefano de Martino Stefanie Everaert and Caroline Lateur Mar 13th 2019
Alternative Histories: NP2F Architectes on Mario Sironi Mar 13th 2019
Alternative Histories: Lütjens Padmanabhan On Michael Graves Mar 9th 2019
Alternative Histories: Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor on Erik Gunnar Asplund Mar 9th 2019
Alternative Histories: Office Winhov on Burnham & Co. Mar 9th 2019
Alternative Histories: Studio Thys Vermeulen on Sergison Bates Mar 9th 2019
Zaha Hadid: Kurfürstendamm Michael Wolfson Mar 8th 2019
Alternative Histories: Rloaluarnad on Mario Sironi Mar 7th 2019
Gowan and Stirling Fred Scott Mar 1st 2019
Alternative Histories: Descloux Engelschall on Louis-François Trouard Feb 28th 2019
Alternative Histories: Roz Barr Architects on John Freeman Feb 28th 2019
Alternative Histories: Schneider Türtscher on Álvaro Siza Feb 28th 2019
Alternative Histories: East Architecture on Otto Wagner Feb 28th 2019
Alternative Histories: Taka Architects on Peter Märkli Feb 28th 2019
Boompjes II Stefano de Martino Feb 28th 2019
Alternative Histories: Ryan W Kennihan Architects on John Nash Feb 24th 2019
Alternative Histories: Stephen Bates on Henry Thomas Cadbury-Brown Feb 22nd 2019
Alternative Histories: 31/44 Architects on William Butterfield Feb 22nd 2019
Alternative Histories: Carmody Groarke on Haus-Rücker-Co Feb 22nd 2019
Boompjes I Stefano de Martino Feb 22nd 2019
Roosevelt Island Zoe Zenghelis Feb 17th 2019
Alternative Histories: Conen Sigl Architekten on Giuseppe Chiantarelli Feb 16th 2019
Alternative Histories: Christ & Gantenbein on Louis Kahn Feb 16th 2019
Zaha Hadid: Azabu-Juban Michael Wolfson Feb 16th 2019
Alternative Histories: Mikael Bergquist on Peter Märkli Feb 14th 2019
Alternative Histories: De Smet Vermeulen architecten on Bruce Goff Feb 14th 2019
Alternative Histories: Marie-José Van Hee on Hans Hollein Feb 14th 2019
Alternative Histories: Hans van der Heijden on Josef Hoffmann Feb 14th 2019
Alternative Histories: Clancy Moore Architects on Joseph Paxton Feb 14th 2019
Alternative Histories: Caruso St John & Siw Thomas on Hans Poelzig Feb 13th 2019
Eric Parry: Iran, 1974 Eric Parry Feb 10th 2019
Alternative Histories: dePaor on Hans Poelzig Feb 9th 2019
Tom de Paor: On Hans Poelzig’s Grosses Schauspielhaus, Theater der Massen, Berlin, 1919 Tom de Paor Feb 9th 2019
Schinkel Kurt Forster Feb 8th 2019
Eric Parry: India, 1975 Eric Parry Feb 7th 2019
Alternative Histories: Hayatsu Architects on Charles-Dominique-Joseph Eisen Feb 6th 2019
Alternative Histories: Gustav Appell Arkitektkontor on Erik Gunnar Asplund Feb 6th 2019
Alternative Histories: Witherford Watson Mann on Cedric Price Feb 4th 2019
Alternative Histories: baukuh on John Hejduk Feb 4th 2019
Alternative Histories: Bosshard, Tavor, van der Ploeg and Vihervaara on Bohdan Lachert Feb 3rd 2019
Behind the Lines 9 Philippa Lewis Feb 2nd 2019
Alternative Histories: Bovenbouw Architectuur on James Gowan Feb 1st 2019
Alternative Histories: De Vylder Vinck Taillieu on Michael Graves Jan 31st 2019
Alternative Histories: Hugh Strange Architects on Carlo Scarpa Jan 31st 2019
Alternative Histories: Bardakhanova Champkins on Virgilio Marchi Jan 25th 2019
Drawing, Movement and Medium: Mark Dorrian in conversation with Michael Webb, Episode 3 Mark Dorrian and Michael Webb Jan 21st 2019
Drawing, Movement and Medium: Michael Webb in conversation with Mark Dorrian, Episode 2 Mark Dorrian and Michael Webb Jan 21st 2019
Drawing, Movement and Medium: Michael Webb in conversation with Mark Dorrian, Episode 1 Mark Dorrian and Michael Webb Jan 19th 2019
Alternative Histories: Max Otto Zitzelsberger on Louis Tullius Joachim Visconti Jan 17th 2019
Alternative Histories: Robbrecht en Daem Architecten on Le Corbusier Jan 12th 2019
Alternative Histories: Jonathan Sergison on Carlos Diniz Jan 12th 2019
Alternative Histories: GAFPA on Superstudio Jan 12th 2019
Alternative Histories: Wim Goes Architectuur On Cassius Goldsmith Jan 12th 2019
Alternative Histories: Olivier Goethal On Paul Rudolph Jan 6th 2019
Dance Dance Revolution Iris Moon Dec 30th 2018
Superstudio: In Yesterday’s Tomorrow Eszter Steierhoffer Dec 23rd 2018
Alternative Histories: Tony Fretton Architects on Erik Gunnar Asplund Dec 19th 2018
OMA’S NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER Stefano de Martino Dec 15th 2018
Behind the Lines 8 Philippa Lewis Dec 4th 2018
Zaha Hadid Desley Luscombe Nov 27th 2018
Lina Bo Bardi: Public Plaza and Museum of Art São Paolo Helen Thomas Nov 26th 2018
Mussolini and the Tomb of Augustus in the Spring of 1935 John David Rhodes Nov 20th 2018
TEd’A Arquitectes Jaume Mayol and Irene Pérez Nov 15th 2018
Commonplace Nicholas Olsberg Nov 12th 2018
Theodore Conrad and Harvey Wiley Corbett Jennifer Gray and Irene Sunwoo Nov 11th 2018
Madelon Vriesendorp Niall Hobhouse and Madelon Vriesdendorp Nov 4th 2018
Behind the Lines 7 Philippa Lewis Oct 31st 2018
V&A Dundee by Model Oct 27th 2018
Madelon Vriesendorp and Rem Koolhaas at Van Rooy Gallery, 1980 Editors Oct 23rd 2018
Marco Frascari Federica Goffi Oct 20th 2018
Bruce Goff Nicholas Olsberg Oct 20th 2018
Michael Graves: Fargo-Moorehead Cultural Bridge Jordan Kauffman Oct 15th 2018
The Continuous Monument, Shatwell Oct 9th 2018
Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Sphere Helen Thomas Oct 9th 2018
Hugh Ferriss Helen Thomas Oct 4th 2018
Hugh Strange Architects: Drawing Matter Archive Oct 2nd 2018
Ephraim Joris Ephraim Joris Sep 28th 2018
Siza and the limits of representation Niall Hobhouse Sep 25th 2018
Sans Humour? Niall Hobhouse Sep 14th 2018
Artists at Work Deanna Petherbridge Sep 14th 2018
Le Corbusier: Sketch for the Governor’s Palace, Chandigarh, India Niall Hobhouse Sep 7th 2018
Aux Citoyens Membres de La Commune attachés à la commissions des services publics Matt Page Sep 7th 2018
Conjunction and Incongruity Polly Gould Sep 1st 2018
Grunt Group: Unrolling the Netherfield Scroll Aug 28th 2018
Netherfield Scroll Two Michael Gold Aug 28th 2018
Netherfield Scroll One Chris Cross, Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones Aug 28th 2018
Drawing Out Gehry Riet Eeckhout Aug 20th 2018
Behind the Lines 6 Philippa Lewis Aug 13th 2018
Richard J. Neutra Nicholas Olsberg Aug 10th 2018
Yacht Club Path Alberto Ponis Aug 2nd 2018
The facade is the window to the soul of architecture: Venice Architecture Biennale, 2018 Adam Caruso and Helen Thomas Aug 1st 2018
Onto an Epicycle of Cones Mark Ericson Jul 30th 2018
Foster + Partners: CLEVELAND CLINIC HEALTH EDUCATION CAMPUS Norman Foster Jul 26th 2018
arq : plan, Stan Allen, Helen Mallinson, Niall Hobhouse Jul 20th 2018
A Fragment of Wright’s Great City Nicholas Olsberg Jul 16th 2018
Architectural Research Quarterly: Plan Jul 13th 2018
Aldo Rossi Cabina Construction Tom Graham Jul 10th 2018
Three Timber Constructions David Grandorge Jul 10th 2018
Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects Toyo Ito Jul 6th 2018
Freestanding: Sigurd Lewerentz Helen Thomas Jun 20th 2018
Schinkel: ‘Precisely Loose’ Lok-Kan Chau Jun 19th 2018
Architectural Ethnography: Japan Pavilion Helen Thomas Jun 12th 2018
Talking to Drawings Sam Jacob Jun 8th 2018
without irony 1 Niall Hobhouse May 28th 2018
without irony 3 Niall Hobhouse May 24th 2018
without irony 2 Niall Hobhouse May 23rd 2018
Elizabeth Hatz: Line, Light, Locus Elizabeth Hatz May 23rd 2018
Alexander Brodsky: The Shed May 18th 2018
Alberto Campo Baeza: Sketchbook No. 37 Neil Bingham May 12th 2018
Behind the Lines 5 Philippa Lewis May 10th 2018
Empathy Andrew Clancy May 8th 2018
letters from nicholas hawksmoor and standford white Apr 30th 2018
Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin and Fallingwater Adam Sutherland Apr 29th 2018
Jørn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House Mogens Prip-Buus Apr 26th 2018
Remembered Space Deanna Petherbridge Apr 22nd 2018
Elena Manferdini Elena Manferdini Apr 17th 2018
David Kohn Architects David Kohn Apr 14th 2018
Adolfo Natalini: The last supper Apr 5th 2018
Nicholas Grimshaw Nicholas Grimshaw Apr 5th 2018
Dominique Perrault Architecte Dominique Perrault Apr 5th 2018
Clancy Moore Architects: Conversation Pieces Colm Moore Apr 1st 2018
Eurolandschaft Dérive Peter Wilson Apr 1st 2018
Behind the Lines 4 Philippa Lewis Mar 28th 2018
WilkinsonEyre Chris Wilkinson Mar 28th 2018
Niall McLaughlin Níall McLaughlin Mar 17th 2018
A. W. N. Pugin Peter Howell Mar 13th 2018
R. Norman Shaw Andrew Saint Mar 11th 2018
G. E. Street: Drawing on Moulding Mar 8th 2018
Take Courage Freddie Phillipson Mar 8th 2018
AL_A: V&A Exhibition Road Quarter Amanda Levete Mar 5th 2018
Louis Le Vau: Château de Meudon Basile Baudez, Alexandre Cojannot and Alexandre Gady Mar 1st 2018
Tony Fretton: Lisson Gallery 1 Tony Fretton Feb 27th 2018
Herzog & de Meuron Herzog & de Meuron Feb 23rd 2018
Notes on the Sketchbook Mark Dorrian Feb 19th 2018
Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekten: Swiss Ambassador’s Residence Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan Feb 14th 2018
Carlos Diniz: United States Embassy, Moscow Feb 14th 2018
Drawings’ Conclusions Stan Allen Feb 8th 2018
Behind the Lines 3 Philippa Lewis Feb 7th 2018
Better with Sun from West: US Embassy Moscow, The Commons Tim Abrahams Feb 5th 2018
Shatwell DrawingScape Ana Araujo Jan 29th 2018
Dom Hans Van Der Laan Saint Benedictusberg Abbey at Vaals Jan 25th 2018
A Blueprint is… Blue Neil Bingham Jan 24th 2018
Florian Beigel & Kisa Kawakami Florian Beigel and Philip Christou Jan 19th 2018
Studio Mumbai: Saatrasta-Mahindra Tape Drawing Studio Mumbai Bijoy Jain Jan 14th 2018
Yona Friedman: Space-chain Structures Manuel Orazi Jan 11th 2018
Gabriel Pierre Martin Dumont Editors Jan 7th 2018
The Politics of the Image Maria S. Giudici, Joseph Mercer, Florian Scheucher, Keranie Theodosiou, Livia Wang, Sophie Williams and Feifei Zhou Jan 5th 2018
Alternative Histories: Atelier Tomas Dirrix & Boris de Beijer on Otto Schönthal Jan 1st 2018
Parataxis Matthew Wells Dec 28th 2017
Sir William Chambers: Somerset House Dec 23rd 2017
Behind the Lines 2 Philippa Lewis Dec 19th 2017
Anthony Salvin Matthew Wells Dec 18th 2017
Gilles-Marie Oppenord David Pullins Dec 15th 2017
William Butterfield Nicholas Olsberg Dec 6th 2017
The Sacred Games of Art Patrick Lynch Dec 1st 2017
Herbert Matter Nicholas Olsberg Nov 27th 2017
Assemble: Collective Authorship Giles Smith and Adam Willis Nov 18th 2017
Dogma: The Room of One’s Own Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara Nov 13th 2017
Michael Gold: Crossed Swords Nov 10th 2017
Alvar Aalto’s city Markus Lähteenmäki Nov 1st 2017
The Clandeboye Drawings Peter Wilson Oct 27th 2017
Archives, or Ardor Iris Moon Oct 26th 2017
Blind Spots Sam Jacob Oct 20th 2017
Florian Beigel Architects: Stage House Florian Beigel and Philip Christou Oct 12th 2017
Peter Smithson: Obelisk Oct 12th 2017
Cedric Price: FIR Project Oct 12th 2017
Stephen Taylor: Urban Rural Oct 12th 2017
James Wines: Ghost Parking Lot Christina Gray Oct 5th 2017
All Change on Change Alley Celina Fox Oct 5th 2017
Aldo Rossi Jesse Reiser Sep 30th 2017
Hugh Strange: the Archive Sep 22nd 2017
Álvaro Siza: Sense Making Sep 22nd 2017
Behind the Lines 1 Philippa Lewis Sep 22nd 2017
Drawing from a Deep Well Patrick Lynch Sep 22nd 2017
Jesse Reiser & Nanako Umemoto (RUR) Jesse Reiser Sep 13th 2017
Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu Jan De Vylder Sep 7th 2017
The Drawing as Actor Sep 5th 2017
USSR in Construction No. 9 1931 Marie Collier Sep 1st 2017
Drawings in Conversation Matthew Wells Sep 1st 2017
Child’s Play: Adolfo Natalini’s ‘Disegni Per Bambini’ Sophia Banou Aug 31st 2017
Notes on the 2017 Summer School Nana Biamah-Ofosu and Bushra Mohamed Aug 19th 2017
Concrete Beach Stephanie Macdonald Aug 13th 2017
E. S. Prior’s Architectural Modelling David Valinsky Aug 2nd 2017
Salvador Dalí Jul 28th 2017
Dissecting Andrew Clancy Jul 25th 2017
Enric Miralles: La Gran Casa Javier Contreras Jul 22nd 2017
Charles Percier Iris Moon Jul 17th 2017
A souvenir and survey Basile Baudez Jun 22nd 2017
San Rocco Helen Thomas Jun 20th 2017
Guy Debord Anthony Vidler Jun 7th 2017
Karl Friedrich Schinkel Basile Baudez Jun 7th 2017
Celia Scott: L’Attente Katharine Eustace May 31st 2017
A Space / Two Spaces Anthony Vidler May 30th 2017
Ferdinando Galli Bibiena John Cooper May 19th 2017
Two ideas of the House Fred Scott May 9th 2017
A.L.T. Vaudoyer Basile Baudez May 4th 2017
Permanence Elizabeth Hatz Apr 18th 2017
Conen Sigl Architekten: Drawing in retrospect Maria Conen Apr 9th 2017
Roz Barr Architects: The Maquette Roz Barr Apr 7th 2017
Mario Sironi David Vanderburgh Mar 27th 2017
The Town: The Dream of Unity in the 1960s Jean-Paul Jungmann Mar 21st 2017
A House for A Sculptor / A House for my Mother Celia Scott Mar 17th 2017
Eisenman: House II Stefano Corbo Mar 17th 2017
Galli da Bibiena Fabrizio Ballabio Mar 10th 2017
Narrative Architecture Nigel Coates Mar 10th 2017
On Architectural Drawing: Lina Bo Bardi and Beyond Marcelo Ferraz Mar 9th 2017
Jørn Utzon Mogens Prip-Buus Mar 3rd 2017
James Gowan: Inside the sketchbook Ellis Woodman Mar 2nd 2017
Carlos Diniz: Weyerhaeuser Project Tim Abrahams Mar 1st 2017
Loggia Mercato Nuovo, Florence Lauren Jacobi Feb 27th 2017
George Wilkinson: Building On The Stones Of Ireland William Taylor Feb 23rd 2017
Ange-Jacques Gabriel Niall Hobhouse Feb 22nd 2017
Paolo Soleri Tim Abrahams Feb 22nd 2017
Viollet-le-Duc: Mont Blanc Martin Bressani Feb 17th 2017
Perry Kulper Sophia Banou Feb 14th 2017
Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekten: Sketch modelling Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan Feb 9th 2017
Architecture and Geology William Mann Feb 7th 2017
Michael Webb Mark Dorrian Feb 1st 2017
Witherford Watson Mann: Waiting Women William Mann Jan 31st 2017
James Malton John Macarthur Jan 30th 2017
Superstudio: Cinematography Markus Lähteenmäki Jan 30th 2017
Heathrow Airport Project Catrina Beevor Jan 25th 2017
Pier Leone Ghezzi Rachel Hapoienu Jan 20th 2017
L’art tue Jean-Paul Jungmann Jan 19th 2017
Gordon Matta-Clark Nicholas Olsberg Jan 19th 2017
Caruso St John Architects: Cultural and Tourist Centre Adam Caruso Jan 18th 2017
Projected Sections Laurent Stalder Jan 15th 2017
Jessie Brennan Olivia Horsfall Turner Jan 4th 2017
Aitchison / Prendergast Helen Thomas Dec 30th 2016
Black Airground Jeffrey Shaw Dec 23rd 2016
Philip Webb Adrian Forty Dec 23rd 2016
Gowan: A rather beautiful coherence Charles Rice Dec 12th 2016
Brunswick Centre Peter Myers Dec 5th 2016
The Destruction of the City of Homs Deanna Petherbridge Nov 28th 2016
Marie–José Van Hee: Black Drawings Nov 23rd 2016
A Public Convenience Peter Wilson Nov 18th 2016
Charles Percier Niall Hobhouse Nov 18th 2016
Charles Barry: Travel Sketching Rachel Blissett Nov 11th 2016
The Black Drawings of Marie-José Van Hee Helen Thomas Nov 9th 2016
Louis Bricard Nicholas Olsberg Nov 8th 2016
On Collecting Niall Hobhouse Nov 3rd 2016
Paul Robbrecht Rosemary Willink Nov 2nd 2016
Stone Adversaries – Ruskin’s Rocks, Hejduk’s Diamonds Anthony Auerbach Oct 24th 2016
Mies: The Double or Panoramic Structure of the Perspective Desley Luscombe Oct 24th 2016
Alexander Brodsky Marie Coulon Oct 15th 2016
A Civic Utopia Exhibition Oct 8th 2016
Some Thoughts on Sheds Nicholas Olsberg Oct 7th 2016
Fontaine: Model for a Music Room Ana Araujo Oct 4th 2016
Drawing Walmer Yard Peter Salter Oct 4th 2016
Malagueira and Évora, Portugal Cathy Hawley and Hugh Strange Sep 19th 2016
High Ground Colette Sheddick and Pierre d'Avoine Sep 19th 2016
Beyond Object-ness, a Good House Florian Beigel and Philip Christou Sep 19th 2016
Casswell Bank Architects: The Shed Project Alex Bank and Sam Casswell Sep 18th 2016
Barthélemy Enfantin Helen Thomas Sep 12th 2016
Richard J. Neutra: Visitor Center at Gettysburg National Park Nicholas Olsberg Aug 22nd 2016
Notes on the 2016 Summer School Helen Mallinson Aug 21st 2016
Cedric Price: Bathat Helen Mallinson Aug 8th 2016
Michael Graves Helen Thomas Aug 7th 2016
The Stones of John Ruskin Karen Eve Johnson, Nicholas Olsberg and John Ruskin Aug 1st 2016
Alexander Pope: ‘et sibi’ Niall Hobhouse Aug 1st 2016
Le Corbusier: Unité d’habitation Aug 1st 2016
From the Desk of John Summerson Aug 1st 2016
Ray Bradbury: Letterhead Aug 1st 2016
Fontaine: Market Stalls Basile Baudez Aug 1st 2016
Jean-Baptiste Lassus Martin Bressani Aug 1st 2016
The Marriage of Reason and Squalor Pier Vittorio Aureli Aug 1st 2016
Mies van der Rohe: Neue Stadt Markus Lähteenmäki Jul 22nd 2016
Friedensreich Hundertwasser Helen Thomas Jul 15th 2016
Charles de Wailly Jun 10th 2016
François-Joseph Bélanger Olivia Edmondson Jun 4th 2016
Future Scenarios, Part II Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg May 31st 2016
Robert Bray: Six Designs for a Playboy Penthouse Pad May 12th 2016
The Imperial Palace of God George Elliot May 9th 2016
Ducros: Arch of Titus May 1st 2016
Seven Farmyards Apr 22nd 2016
Five Obelisks Apr 16th 2016
The Birth of the Column Álvaro Siza Apr 7th 2016
Views of A Civic Utopia Apr 6th 2016
Robert Mylne Robert Adam Apr 1st 2016
Louis Kahn: Kansas City Office Building Mar 18th 2016
This Was Tomorrow: Reinventing Architecture 1953–1978 Markus Lähteenmäki, Manuel Montenegro and Nicholas Olsberg Mar 13th 2016
Aldo Rossi: Architecture and the City (1982) Peter Eisenman Mar 11th 2016
Etudes des fragments d’architecture Jean-Augustin Renard Mar 6th 2016
Hans Hollein: Infinite Space Mar 4th 2016
Hans Hollein: Everything is Architecture Hans Hollein Mar 4th 2016
To Read A Drawing (1983) Peter Eisenman Feb 12th 2016
The Continuous Monument Adolfo Natalini Feb 5th 2016
On Drawing Adolfo Natalini Feb 4th 2016
Rem Koolhaas: EuroDisney Jan 29th 2016
Robert Venturi: The difficult whole Jan 22nd 2016
Becoming One with the Landscape (1969) Carlos Diniz Jan 15th 2016
Henri Labrouste Barry Bergdoll Dec 15th 2015
Michael Webb: Sin Centre Michael Webb Dec 5th 2015
View the action, neck or talk (1965) Michael Webb Dec 4th 2015
A Lung for the City (1984) Cedric Price Nov 27th 2015
Ville Spatiale Yona Friedman Nov 20th 2015
Peter Märkli: Thinking Drawings Florian Beigel and Philip Christou Nov 15th 2015
Believe in books (1998) John Hejduk Nov 13th 2015
Three Projects (1969) John Hejduk Nov 12th 2015
Archizoom, Andrea Branzi and the No-Stop City Andrea Branzi Nov 6th 2015
The Lost Art of Drawing Michael Graves Nov 4th 2015
Dismantled Sketchbook James Gowan Nov 2nd 2015
James Gowan: The Expandable House Markus Lähteenmäki Nov 1st 2015
The Open Hand (1954) Le Corbusier Nov 1st 2015
Zünd-Up: ‘psycho-dynamic’ street and park system Oct 23rd 2015
A Brutal Matter (1962) Walter Pichler Oct 16th 2015
Walter Pichler: 20 Sketches from the Archives Oct 13th 2015
Haus-Rücker-Co. Oct 9th 2015
Buckminster Fuller: Six Patents Oct 2nd 2015
Jean-Baptiste Lassus’s Sainte-Chapelle Oct 1st 2015
Buckminster Fuller Oct 1st 2015
Isolation or participation? Ugo La Pietra Sep 11th 2015
Preamble to a New World (1963) Constant Sep 4th 2015
New Babylon (1963) Constant Sep 3rd 2015
John Lautner: house and studio for Edgar Ewing Nicholas Olsberg Aug 28th 2015
A life of their own (1985) Paul Rudolph Aug 28th 2015
History & Origins Aldo Rossi Aug 21st 2015
Erik Gunnar Asplund: the father Nicholas Olsberg Aug 14th 2015
The hatred of rendering (1930) Le Corbusier Aug 1st 2015
Sketch from Vézelay from letter to Mérimée (1843) Eugène Viollet-le-Duc Jul 31st 2015
Five Boxes Michael Craig-Martin Jun 10th 2015
Wagnerschule Jun 1st 2015
François Soufflot le Romain: Ruins Editors Feb 9th 2015
Potomania (1982) Jacques Couëlle Jan 8th 2015
The changing metropolis 1940s–1980s Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg Nov 29th 2013
The changing metropolis 1815–1900 Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg Nov 27th 2013
The changing metropolis 1900–1930s Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg Nov 26th 2013
Future Scenarios, Part III Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg Jun 3rd 2013
Future Scenarios, Part I Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg May 30th 2013
Displaced persons Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg Oct 3rd 2012
Architectural anxiety Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg Sep 28th 2011
Simplification Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg May 6th 2011
Landscape situations Niall Hobhouse and Nicholas Olsberg Jan 21st 2011